Eiko Yamase, a woman from Richmond in British Colombia, has scored a big lottery prize by playing Lotto Max Draw. Yamase has won CA$1,000,000 from the fan-favorite lotto game.

The lucky winner has talked to the press. Eiko Yamase told the public that she is a lucky mother who in her spare time enjoys watching Netflix or YouTube. When she saw that her ticket numbers matched all the winning numbers in the draw, Yamase almost fainted. After all, it’s not an everyday event to win a life-changing amount of CA$1,000,000.

Eiko Yamase said that she plans to put most of that money into her children’s education. Also, she will take a portion of the win for herself and use it to visit Toronto, Halifax, and Prince Edward Island.

Besides Eiko Yamase, there was another huge win recorded in the last three months. The couple from Sault Ste. Marie, Ken Marshall, and Debby Chapman have also won a huge reward in the Lotto Max Game. The lucky couple won CA$1,000,000 prize in June.

With the money, the lucky family plans on purchasing a new trailer for them. They will also share a portion of the money with their family, and save a portion of them for retirement.