Best Online Blackjack Games to Play Online from Canada

Blackjack offers some of the best prospects for players in the casino. The game features some of the lowest house edges and good odds for players. By mastering basic strategy, you can drive the house edge even lower. Good blackjack players face the lowest house edge in the casino.

Top Things to Look for in Online Blackjack

The emergence of online gambling has expanded the array of options available for players. With the development of new variants of existing games, online casinos continue to expand the range of gaming options available to players. Classic games have seen more than their fair share of variations, and the case with blackjack is not different. There’s a ton of blackjack variants available today, and you just have to find one that suits your unique preferences.

Affordable Stakes

You will find multiple options for blackjack online. However, the best games come with flexible table limits that accommodate broad gambling preferences, from those on a shoestring budget to those with a fat bankroll. You can’t really enjoy a game if it doesn’t allow you to operate within its limits. So the best blackjack game for you will be one that allows you enough flexibility to gamble within the range of your bankroll.

Notable Games to Play

Popular blackjack variants available at casino sites include:

-Pontoon: Pontoon follows the theory behind blackjack albeit, the game features a number of rule variations. The game starts with the player being dealt two cards while the dealer does not receive an up-card until the player makes a move. The game pays 2:1 and allows the player to double down on two, three, or four cards.

-European Blackjack: European blackjack bears many similarities with the traditional game with one major alteration: the dealer doesn’t get a hole card until the player makes a move.

-Double Exposure Blackjack: Double exposure blackjack is like traditional blackjack but with a major difference: the dealer’s cards are made visible before the player makes a move. This visibility gives the player an advantage, but this comes at a cost: even money payouts.

-Spanish 21: This is one of the first blackjack variants that appeared online. The game is characterized by one major alteration: the absence of tens in the deck.

-American Blackjack: The game is sometimes referred to as classic blackjack and the most popular form of the game. One of the ways American blackjack differs from the European game is the point at which the dealer gets their hole card. In the American game, the dealer gets their hole card before the player acts while the opposite is the case in the European game.

Blackjack House Edges

Blackjack offers some of the lowest house edges in the casino. If you master the right skills, blackjack can offer you the lowest house edge in the casino – this is a prospect dependent on your level of skill and mastery of basic strategy. By mastering basic strategy, you can face a house edge lower than 1% – the lowest you will ever encounter in a casino.

Blackjack Side-Bets and Mini-Games

Blackjack also incorporates side bets and mini-games. Common side bets in the game include:

-Insurance: The insurance bet allows you to secure yourself against a dealer’s blackjack. The insurance bet pays 2:1 and requires half of your original wager. Although the insurance bet appears like a sound move, it offers worse odds than the base game. You should avoid placing this bet.

-Perfect Pairs: The bet applies to the player’s cards only and attracts a payout if the player is dealt two of a kind. For example mixed pairs (which involves cards with the same value but different color and suit. Mixed pair attracts a payout of 5:1), colored pair (which involves cards of the same value and color. Colored pair attracts a payout of 12:1), and perfect pair (which involves the same cards. This attracts a payout of 25:1). If you intend to accrue profits over the long run, then you should avoid making this bet.

-21+3: This bet involves the face-up card of the dealer and the player’s cards. The bet pays for the following combinations – Flush (5:1), Straight (10:1), Three of a kind (30:1), Straight Flush (40:1), and Suited Triple (100:1)

-Over/Under 13: This bet offers a payout for correctly predicting the sum of the player’s cards. You can either predict it as less than or greater than thirteen.

-Super Sevens: This bet attracts a payout if one or more sevens appear in the player’s cards. One seven attracts a payout of 3:1. Things get a little bit complex with multiples. For example, two unsuited sevens will attract a payout worth 50:1, while two suited sevens attract a payout of 100:1.

Although side bets seem to offer better prospects than the base game, they come with lower odds in actuality; hence as a general rule, you should avoid side bets.

Top Blackjack Features

Blackjack offers some of the best prospects for players. By mastering basic strategy, you can face the lowest house edge in the casino, but it’s also important to find games that allow you enough flexibility to operate within the limits of your budget as well as appeal to your unique preferences.

The best blackjack games offer a combination of the aforementioned criteria. Blackjack games are a popular option on casino sites. However, you must sift through the options available and find sites that are fair and secure. Some of the things to look out for in your search include license and certification. Reputable sites are licensed by a well-known gambling authority and have been vetted by an independent third-party organization.

A good number of licensed and certified sites are available to players in Canada. These sites not only offer a bunch of blackjack games, but they also offer features tailored for players in Canada such as banking options that favor gamblers living in Canada as well as support for the Canadian dollar.

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