In the unprecedented situation, Cascades Casino Chatham rewarded its staff with a new and improved contract to ensure that the gaming venue would be able to maintain its staff in such trying times. With 87.3 percent agreeing to the terms, the recent contract proposal faced serious backing from staff.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment oversees the gambling property, and it had successful talks with the union representing them regarding the contract situation of its staff. The agreement lasts until November 2023 which will include a rise in salaries over the course of running down the contract. In the second year of the terms, there will be a CA$0.20 wage increase and an extra CA$0.30 in the final year for the unionized staff.

Dave Cassidy, who is the president of Unifor Local 444, said that because of the new workplace, the aim is to preserve what workers had and even improve on it. The union currently represents 150 employees of the above-mentioned Chatham Gambling Entity. The union reached its goals for the agreement, according to Mr. Cassidy, and there were no alleged concessions.

An extra bonus of CA$20 per visit for paramedical services, such as chiropractic and massage therapy, will also be included in the amended contract. Part-time staff members would also be able to accumulate up to 3 days of lieu time. In addition, there will be modifications to the type of pick shifts, working hours, and overtime and break the balance.

In March 2020, with the first wave of lockdown restrictions, the casino was first suspended from operations but reopened in October for invited guests only. Then it closed again in December and most recently reopened in February after some businesses were permitted to recommence by the provincial government of Ontario. The gaming property that is now operating is once again under the “invited guests only” policy and has a capacity of 10 at a time.

The successfully negotiated agreement between the union and the overseeing gaming company was addressed by Gateway Casinos Spokesperson Rob Mitchell. According to Mr. Mitchell, considering the difficult circumstances regarding the revival of the economy in the country, the agreement was an essential step for the future. He added that, in compliance with health and safety policies, the casino will continue to work hard to offer the best possible customer service.

For its unionized employees in the province of Ontario, Unifor Local 444 has more great news, latest labor union news reporting that it has successfully negotiated better retirement benefits for its Caesars Windsor Casino staff members. In addition to the earlier retirement opportunity, the arrangement between the syndicate and the gambling venue states that employees will have greater bonus benefits.

Casino Rama expressed its desire to renew its gaming floor amidst non-operational status and no reopening date for the gaming property. The casino plans to eliminate up to 400 slot machines and 20 table games in order to make some re-arrangements, according to reports. The gaming leader reassured, however, that after negotiations with Unifor Local 1090, which represents almost 1050 of the employees of the gambling venue, no employees will be laid off from their positions.