Canadian Casinos with Instant Withdrawals

Every player wants to get hold of their winnings in record time, don’t they? While there are many top Canadian online casinos which can process your cashouts speedily, there are some which can offer near-enough instant withdrawal times. Naturally, these are very advantageous casinos to choose to play at. Where do you find them, what can they offer, and how speedily can they process your winnings? You have come to the right casino page if you are looking for answers. Let us explore Canadian casinos with instant withdrawals in closer detail.

About Instant Withdrawal Casinos

When you think of an instant withdrawal, you probably imagine that you can snap your fingers and your winnings will magically appear in your bank account. This is not reality, though. Instead, an instant withdrawal casino is not a place where you get your winnings in seconds. Instead, it is a casino which does not delay processing your payments. It may still take a few hours for you to get hold of your winnings. However, this is substantially quicker than many rival casino sites. Why is this the case? Let’s find out…

The Payment Method You Select Does Matter


Instant withdrawal casinos are simply internet betting sites which process your payment immediately. How long the payment takes after the casino has processed it is really down to the payment provider, not the online casino.

For instance, if you were to play at an instant withdrawal casino and choose VISA as your payment method, you would still end up waiting two to three business days to get hold of your winnings. This is because VISA seldom processes transactions quicker than that. However, if you were to choose an e-wallet or cryptocurrency at an instant withdrawal casino, you would likely get hold of your winnings in a matter of hour as that is the norm for these payment options.

Nasty Fees and Charges


We will always recommend online casinos which do not charge hidden or nasty fees over those which do. Some casinos which offer instant withdrawal options seem to think that it is okay to charge you for a service which is ordinarily free at rival sites. Don’t be fooled by this. Just because a Canadian online casino offers instant withdrawal times, does not mean that you should have to pay for the privilege.

Caps and Limitations

You may still come across withdrawal caps, even at online casinos with instant withdrawals. The withdrawal caps may be per transaction, or per day, week or month. It really does vary from internet casino to casino. VIP players will often get more leeway with withdrawal caps than standard members, so this is something worth exploring.

Verification and Knowing Your Customer

Even online casinos with instant withdrawals will want you to verify your account. At least, all the secure and safe ones will. Sometimes an instant withdrawal can be slowed down because a player has not yet been through the KYC (know your customer) process. This is worth considering.

An instant withdrawal casino will likely require you to provide some documentation which confirms that you are who you claim to be. Often a drivers license or passport, an official letter or bill with your name and address, and a screenshot of your e-wallet, or copy of your bank card will be enough to complete this process. If an online casino has instant withdrawals, it is highly likely that once you have completed the KYC step, your cashout will begin immediately without further delay. While this process might seem invasive, it is a security feature and commonly found at all Canada’s most reputable instant withdrawal casinos.

Any Recommendations?

Browsing our page will see you stumble across a host of top Canadian online casinos which offer instant withdrawals, especially for VIP players. Any of our recommended casinos will fit the bill for most players, but there are a couple which stand out. Here are three of the very best Canadian instant withdrawal casinos you can join today:

Kingdom Casino – Ideal for All Canadian Players

Kingdom Casino

Kingdom Casino does not dawdle when it comes to paying out its players. The online casino features a variety of payment methods for Canadians to use, although naturally, some are more ideal for instant withdrawals than others. Bitcoin transactions and e-wallets represent the quickest options available for players. The CAD is accepted, and players can get hold of winnings worth as little as $10 ($5 with Bitcoin) instantly. Withdrawals are capped at $4,000 per transaction.

Live.Casino – Fast Payments, Free of Charge

Live Casino

Live.Casino features a near-exhaustive array of payment methods for Canadian players. More importantly, their cashout options are free of charge and have caps of $4,000 per transaction. The withdrawal times at Live.Casino are fast unless you opt for VISA or MasterCard withdrawals, which can take up to three days to clear. If you want to access instant withdrawals at Live.Casino, make sure you clear its KYC process first. – Certified for Cryptocurrency Action

Bitcoin Casino IO

If you are tech-savvy and want to bet with Bitcoins, then is for you. Bitcoin transactions are speedy by nature, but few casinos can match this site for instant withdrawal times. does not just process BTC withdrawals fast, either. They also allow you to make instant cashouts using Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and USDT (Tether). Low limits of $10/0.01BTC are ideal for the casual player, and no added fees are found at this bitcoin casino.

Find Canada’s Best Instant Withdrawal Casinos Today

The three online casinos listed above are amongst the best instant withdrawal casinos that Canadians can choose to play with. However, they are far from being the only options that you have open to you if you live in Canada and fancy wagering online.

At our casino website, you will find a host of other options, each of which is appealing in its own way. If you want to stake cash online at a safe and reputable website, and want access to your winnings as quickly as possible, any of our recommended casinos should fit the bill.

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