Players now have access to a variety of online wagering platforms that can be accessed from anywhere, and land-based casinos are operational. In light of this, the Canadian Centre on Substance and Addiction has issued a new set of guidelines to promote awareness about the possible negative impacts of gambling.

According to the CCSA’s latest recommendations, a gambler should not wager more than one percent of his household income for a month. In addition, gamblers should not wager for more than four days in a month. Another recommendation suggests that gamblers should focus only on two or fewer game

New Recommendations

Problem gambling should not be underestimated by anyone, regardless of their education, social status, religion, or gender, according to gambling counselor Chelsea Rodrigues. The new guidelines, she added, will be useful at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare in Windsor-Essex. Ms. Rodrigues explained that those who have previously suffered from such conditions could be exposed to risks again with the easing of restrictions at casinos.

She continued by saying that the team encourages individuals who have been diagnosed with problematic or addictive gambling not to get too involved in it. Instead, she recommends that gamblers first test the waters. The new guidelines, according to Dr. Matthew Young, who helped develop them, are a way of limiting people’s participation.

According to Dr. Young, the guidelines should be used in conjunction with others in order to reduce gambling risks to a minimum. He believes that one of the reasons gamblers experience an addiction or have problems is because of the money they spend and the time they spend away from their families or close friends. Also, they tend to lose lots of time gambling instead of being productive.

Ms. Rodrigues also mentioned that in-person treatment for problematic gambling is available. She explained that they are seeing people face to face and that they offer a residential program, and its wait time is not that long.  She warns that anyone could become a victim of such situations and advises all gamblers to expect to lose money while gambling.

July Reopening

When it comes to having access to land-based gaming properties locals are in proximity of Caesars Windsor Casino & Hotel. On July 16, 2021, the hotspot was able to renew its operations. Dave Cassidy, President of Unifor Local 444, reported that 300 of the union’s 2,200 workers have returned to work. The casino can only operate at 50% of its maximum capacity, according to the province’s regulations.

Bonuses Improved

Previously, the Windsor-Essex venue’s management and Unifor Local 444 successfully negotiated increased bonuses for the casino’s senior staff. Workers over the age of 60 will be eligible for the bonus, which will allow them to retire earlier than before if they decide to do so. The bonus is also determined by years of experience and is subject to change.