Is It Possible to Cheat at Online Casinos?

The internet is littered with books and articles that promise quick fixes and shortcuts to success. Not surprisingly, some of these online articles claim to teach secret ways to bypass casino protocols with little to no effort. Is it actually possible to cheat the casino?

Can We Cheat?

Well, No. 

Over the years, many gamblers have exploited certain loopholes in the system to gain an edge over the house. Gamblers who found such loopholes kept them a secret and continued to exploit them until they were either caught or the casino figured out the error and fixed it. Eventually, the casino figured out these loopholes and fixed them. What’s more, casinos made it difficult for gamblers to bypass its protocol.

Even those that found ways to deplete the house edge significantly did not publish it to avoid mass exploitation that would lead to the closing of such loopholes. On the other hand, casinos who discovered their system was being exploited did not announce it, but rather fixed the loophole and made it harder for such errors to occur.

The case is quite different for online casinos. Games hosted on casino sites are based on RNG technology, making it nearly impossible to cheat.

RNGs and Algorithms

Casino games are based on RNG technology. This ensures that they are not only fair, outcomes are the product of random occurrence. RNG (which is short for Random Number Generator) is a computer code that utilizes the MD5 algorithm in a casino’s software. The RNG’s primary task is to generate a string of random symbols or numbers used in casino games. This ensures that outcomes cannot be altered.
I know what you are thinking “This makes it hard for me to cheat right? How about the casino site? How am I sure I’m not being cheated?”
That’s where certification comes in.

Reputable and top casinos usually submit their games for third-party verification. These reputable and independent third-party organizations test these games and ensure they have not been tampered with in a way that gives the casino an unfair advantage.
So if you play at a casino site whose games have been verified by an independent third party, they won’t cheat you, the same way you can’t cheat them.

You are probably wondering… 

If I Can’t Cheat, What Can I Do?

By virtue of RNG technology, you can’t cheat the casino, but there are things you can do to boost your winning prospects. These include focusing on games that allow some application of skill rather than being based on just luck, learning the skills required to gain an edge, and learning strategies that will improve your chances.

Pick Your Game Carefully

It’s common knowledge that casino games come with an in-built advantage that gives the house an edge over the player. This is known as the house edge. However, the degree of advantage differs across games, and one of the best choices you can make at the casino is going for games that come with the lowest house edges. You can take it a step further by narrowing your choice down to games that offer a low house edge and allow for some degree of skill. A good example is blackjack.

If you are a slot lover, then pick games with the best RTP and multiple paylines. Ensure you try them out for free first to get accustomed to the intricacies of the game before playing for real money. Another thing to look out with slot games is a progressive jackpot. By playing games that are part of a jackpot network, you stand the chance of triggering a life-changing amount.

Play Online Slots with Strategies

You can also improve your chances of winning by using betting systems. Although there are tons of books and articles online that make false claims about betting systems as ways to get guaranteed wins in the casino, these claims are mostly exaggerated. Betting systems only allow you to manage losses and make the most of wins, but you have to understand how they work and which is suitable for your budget.

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There are two major betting systems: Positive progressive betting systems and negative progressive betting systems. The former requires you to increase your bet after each win and cut back after a loss while the latter requires you to increase your bet after a loss and reduce your stake after a win.

Although betting systems are helpful in helping you manage your bankroll in a way that positions you to make the most of your chances, they come with obvious downsides. So it is important to not only get acquainted with them but to experiment with little stakes before delving in deep. It is important to state that most betting systems usually require a fairly decent balance in case you run into a losing streak. Without an adequate balance, you will burn through your funds when faced with a losing streak before you get the chance to recoup losses.

You Can Improve Your Chances

Online casinos are built in a way that’s difficult for the player to cheat. Even casinos are submitting themselves to independent third parties to certify their games and make it known they aren’t just letting you cheat; they aren’t cheating themselves. This leaves you with one option: to find the best ways to improve your chances.

Although it is nearly impossible to bypass the casino’s protocols, there are skills, strategies, and systems you can apply to improve your chances. By focusing on games that offer good odds, low house edges and the best RTP, you have taken the first and most important step in enhancing your winning prospects.

To consolidate this step, you can learn skills that give you an advantage and apply betting systems that help you make the most of your chances. With a combination of skills, strategies, and luck, you will put yourself ahead of the average gambler and improve your winning prospects significantly.

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