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Dream Catcher was one of the first non-traditional casino table games to be released by Evolution Gaming. Known as a money-wheel game, it has gone on to be quite the success story for the live dealer casino games provider. What is Dream Catcher, though, and how do you play it? Despite its exotic-sounding name, getting to grips with Dream Catcher is not that challenging of a concept.

On this page, we will focus on Dream Catcher – how the game is played, how to bet on it, and what you can win. In a short space of time, we will introduce you to the live casino game and help you to become familiar with it. With that said, let us begin…

What is Dream Catcher?

Launched in 2017, Dream Catcher was the very first game to be released in Evolution Gaming’s Money Wheel series. An immersive game, the premise of Dream Catcher, is to bet on any of a series of numbers. The live host then spins a money wheel (much akin to the famous Wheel of Fortune). An array of high-definition cameras will then take you to the heart of the action as the wheel spins.

Should the pointer land on the number that you have bet on, you can expect to pocket a payout equivalent to that bet. There are also multiplier segments thrown in which can really spice up the action. Ultimately, that is all there really is to Dream Catcher, so the game should be appealing to all players.

Table Limits and Betting Options

As you are now aware, playing Dream Catcher merely involves betting on one of a set of numbers, and hoping that you predict the right number. The wheel for fortune offers up numbers which include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. You will also find bonus multiplier segments which include 2x and 7x.

Unlike roulette, there are no losing segments on the wheel. Each segment you bet on will directly pay out a prize equivalent to its value. However, should the wheel land on one of the bonus multiplier segments, exciting things happen.

If a multiplier pops up, the wheel will be re-spun, with the next number offered that multiplier. However, suppose several bonus segment multipliers are struck in a row; in that case, they are added together to create a mega-money multiplier which will then apply to all correct bets on the next normal number.

A total of seven different chip sizes can be used to bet on Dream Catcher. The game typically costs anything from $1 up to $2,000, although the exact values of the bets are liable to change depending on where you choose to play this game.

Prizes and Payouts

The way that you pocket wins in Dream Catcher is incredibly straightforward. Whatever you have chosen to bet on will pay out its equivalent cash prize. For instance:

  • Bet on Number 1: 1:1
  • Bet on Number 2: 2:1
  • Bet on Number 5: 5:1
  • Bet on Number 10: 10:1
  • Bet on Number 20: 20:1
  • Bet on Number 40: 40:1

Of course, to even out the odds, the lower-paying numbers appear more times on the money wheel than the higher paying ones. This makes betting on the lower value numbers more likely to yield a result, hence the smaller prizes. What happens when a bonus multiplier segment appears, though?

There are a few bonus multiplier segments on the money wheel. If you were to land either 2x or 7x, the wheel will be re-spun. If your number comes up on this second attempt, your winnings will be multiplied by either 2x or 7x; whatever figure came up before your winning spin. Should several bonus multiplier segments be hit in succession before your winning spin, your winnings will be multiplied by the total of those multipliers added together.

Other Features

Dream Catcher is a mightily simple live dealer casino game to play, but it does have a few other features. There are also some notable things to say about this Evolution Gaming developed live casino title. Here are just a few…

  • Unlimited Gameplay: Because Dream Catcher is a money wheel game, it can be played by an unlimited number of live casino players at the same time. Unlike some Evolution Gaming developed live casino titles (which have a specific number of seats), any player can use the digital betting display to have a punt on this game. All winnings are paid out automatically, making Dream Catcher part-live dealer casino game, and part-RNG (random number generator).
  • High-Quality Camera Action: Like most of the games in Evolution Gaming’s library, this one relies on multiple cameras to boost its action. This is done in a way much akin to Immersive Roulette and the other money wheel games available from Evolution. As soon as the money wheel starts spinning, you will be taken to the heart of the action with in-depth, immersive cameras. From there, you can follow the action as it happens. Remember the excitement of watching wheel of fortune when the pointer just narrowly made it into the next segment or just missed it? The same kind of experience can be had playing Dream Catcher live.
  • Easy to Learn Gameplay: There is absolutely no need to learn any kinds of rules or have any sort of experience before playing Dream Catcher. This is a casino game of pure chance. All you have to do is predict (well, guess) what number the money wheel will land on to potentially win. This naturally makes Dream Catcher ideal for newbies and experienced casino gamblers alike.
  • Open for Everybody: Dream Catcher is a live dealer casino which can be played by all players. You do not need to have a specific budget to be able to enjoy this release. Those players with small-scale budgets can expect to be able to place bets for as little as a dollar, sometimes less in some casinos. Players who want to splash their cash can do so, too, with maximum bets rising to $2,000 and sometimes exceeding that limit in some cases. Ultimately, whatever budget you are playing with, you can play to your heart’s content with Dream Catcher.

Where to Play Dream Catcher Online

Dream Catcher is one game which you are not going to have any trouble finding online. Evolution Gaming has a few live dealer games under their belt, and a handful of these are money wheel titles similar to Dream Catcher. Make no mistake about it, though; Dream Catcher is the most popular by a long way. There is even a more immersive edition of the game, known as First-Person Dream Catcher available at some casinos. Because of its popularity, you should have no difficulty finding Dream Catcher online.

You can start your search for Dream Catcher by heading into any reputable Canadian online casino which offers games from Evolution Gaming. However, if you wish to speed up your search and be guaranteed of playing at a top site, then check out our online casino reviews. We only support licensed, regulated and secure Canadian online casinos, and all are guaranteed to offer Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher to you.

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