As one of the most successful casino games in Evolution Gaming’s arsenal, Immersive Roulette is commonly available at most leading online casino sites which offer live dealer games. The game made its debut in 2013 and has rapidly become a firm favourite with players across the world.

What can Immersive Roulette offer you, and is it really as in-depth an experience as its title suggests? The only way to find out is to take the plunge and immerse ourselves into this Evolution Gaming developed live casino games. Let’s begin…

What is Immersive Roulette?

Immersive Roulette relies heavily on a series of cameras to bring a cinematic experience to live roulette gameplay. The live dealer game gets its name from the fact that multiple HD cameras can be selected by the player to throw themselves into the heart of the action. The video stream offers 200 frames per second, and this has enabled Immersive Roulette to win multiplier EGR Game of the Year awards. The sweeping Hollywood-style cameras should, in theory, increase the atmosphere, sense of realism, and the excitement that can be had when playing live roulette online.

Immersive Roulette is mobile-friendly and based on the European Roulette variant. Its high-definition cameras are one of many niceties found in the game, and we will explore some of the others as we dive into the game itself, starting with your table limits and betting options.

Table Limits and Betting Options

As mentioned, Immersive Roulette is based on the European Roulette style of gameplay. This means that there are thirty-six numbered red and black pockets on the reels, accompanied by a single zero pocket.

A total of six chip sizes can be used in Immersive Roulette, and although the table limits may vary from casino to casino, most instances of this game have table limits stretching from $1 up to $2,000 a bet. High-roller editions of this game can see stakes rise to $10,000, but they seldom go beyond that figure. Bets are made by merely popping your chips on a digital version of the betting board. Bets can be made until the “Bets Closed” symbol appears.

On top of the usual array of inside and outside bets, Immersive Roulette serves up neighbours, racetrack and special bets, with side-betting very much a possibility in this release. Other in-game options open to bettors include full-screen, disable the sounds and dealer’s voice, and checking up on game histories to examine hot and cold numbers, as well as your previous spins. You can also use the slow-motion option to get a closer look at the action as it happens.

Prizes and Payouts

Unsurprisingly, the prizes and payouts in Immersive Roulette are standardised and match those commonly found in other European Roulette variants. Here is what you can expect to win when playing this game:

Outside Bets

  • High or Low numbers, Odds/Evens, Blacks or Reds: 1:1
  • Dozens and Columns: 2:1

Inside Bets:

  • Six-Line: 5:1
  • Corner: 8:1
  • Street/Trio: 11:1
  • Split: 17:1
  • Straight-Up Bet: 35:1

The payouts for racetrack, call bets and neighbour bets such as Orphelins) are also standardised, so there are no surprises in store for players here. Ultimately, the only real difference between this European Roulette variant and others is the ability to zoom in and alter your cameras to get in amongst the action.

Other Features

Immersive Roulette is most notable for its HD camera action, as mentioned. However, a few other trinkets ensure that the live dealer casino game comes with all the bells and whistles that we want to see from such a release. Here are a handful of the other features you can commonly find in Evolution Gaming’s Immersive Roulette:

  • Multiple Camera Action: Of course, we should start by stating the obvious. The most appealing option in this game is to switch to another camera. There are plenty of in-game cameras to choose from, but the most in-demand is the one which is centred right above the roulette wheel itself. These cameras shoot at 200 frames a second, presenting the action in Hollywood-style high definition; which is, to say the least, certainly not too shabby for an internet gambling game.
  • Slow Motion Replays: If you have missed a piece of the action, or want to relive a bit of glory, you have the option of using slot-motion replays to do that. The use of slow motion replies denies any player the right to accuse the casino of cheating, as well as pumps up the excitement level a decent win can bring.
  • Enhanced Statistics: Most Evolution Gaming developed roulette games come with stats screens and histories. However, in Immersive Roulette, Evolution Gaming takes them to an entirely different level. Graphics and charts, as well as statistical data for the last 500 spins can be viewed at any time. Of course, this means that you can also examine the hot and cold numbers from those 500 spins, if that is something which is essential to you when you bet. Players also have the option of reviewing their own personal statistics, to boot.
  • Easy, User-Friendly Interface: Immersive Roulette is designed to look glamorous. It isn’t just the HD cameras which aid with that. The user-interface has been designed to look regal, but also be convenient. The betting board and racetrack bets are tucked away neatly in the bottom of the screen, with statistical data spread out to the sides. This leaves the centre of the screen conveniently free for those HD in-depth camera shots that you are looking for.
  • Studio Floor Experience: Because Immersive Roulette is streamed from a studio floor, you will get the sense of realism you are craving, without the unnecessary background noise of too many punters in a brick-and-mortar casino. This makes the live dealer casino gaming experience that bit more enjoyable for all.
  • Unlimited Seats/Betting Behind: Roulette is not a game where there are a limited number of seats. In short, this means that any number of players (thousands, in theory) can get a slice of the action for themselves with Immersive Roulette.
  • High-Betting Limits: Evolution Gaming does try to cater to all audiences. This means that Immersive Roulette needs to be affordable for low-rollers and yet appealing to whales who want to splash the cash, too. The betting limits found in this game manage to do that, ensuring that Immersive Roulette is accessible for all players.

Where to Play Immersive Roulette Online

Since it launched in 2013, Immersive Roulette has been one of the most played games in Evolution Gaming’s portfolio. While Evolution Gaming has plenty of live dealer roulette titles in their arsenal, Immersive Roulette is one which keeps cropping up at live casinos across the net. It is the one go-to-game that everybody wants to play. The fact that it can be played by high-rollers and those on a budget alike makes it the perfect game for most casinos to offer.

With that in mind, you should not have too much difficulty finding somewhere to play this live casino game. If an Canadian casino offers live dealer games from Evolution Gaming, and those games include roulette, then it will almost certainly have Immersive Roulette on the menu for you.

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