Blackjack table games are not in short supply at online casinos powered by Evolution Gaming, or those offering their live casino games. You will often find a plentiful array of live dealer blackjack games in any casino’s collection. One of the newer releases by Evolution Gaming which is unquestionably worth a look is Infinite Blackjack. What is this game, and how does it impress, though?

Infinite Blackjack offers Evolution Gaming players the same world-class experience as their other table games, albeit with a twist. This live game is ideally suited for players who prefer low stakes betting, and the game takes its name from the fact that an infinite number of players can bet, courtesy of behind betting options. Let’s find out more about Infinite Blackjack in our review of this game.

What is Infinite Blackjack?

One of the more significant problems with live dealer casino blackjack games was that there was always only a handful of seats at each table. Evolution Gaming rather cunningly got around this by slowing working betting behind options into some of their games. Infinite Blackjack doesn’t just offer this feature, though, it was positively built on it. This is a game which – as its name suggests – is designed to cater to thousands of players at once, right from the get-go.

As well as dishing out betting options to an unlimited number of players, the game also has four optional side-bets, can provide in-depth camera action, and uses an exciting mix of both real and virtual cards to make gameplay happen. Let’s find out more…

Table Limits and Betting Options

Of course, the dealer is only going to be able to deal so many hands, so how does Infinite Blackjack cater to thousands of players. The solution is ingenious, really. After blackjack bets have been made, the dealer will use a combination of real and virtual cards to deal to players.

The game uses a total of eight decks and will see a real two-card hand dealt to themselves. However, each player will be dealt their own hand (digitally). What you then decide to do with it depends entirely on you. If you opt to take additional cards, split, or anything else, the game will use virtual cards which are only available to you and decided at random by an RNG (random number generator).

Bets in Infinite Blackjack cost at least $1 per hand, but can rise up to $5,000 per hand if you are suitably well-off. There is always going to be the odd special table which tinkers with these table rules, but for the most part, as the game is streamed from Evolution Gaming’s Riga-based studio in Latvia – those are the table limits you can expect.

Prizes and Payouts

After the deal, you have the same options open to you as you would in a traditional blackjack game. You can hit, double down, take insurance, split or stand. The dealer will stand on soft 17. Basic winnings include:

  • Blackjack: 3:1
  • Insurance: 2:1
  • Any Win: 1:1

One of the other reasons that Infinite Blackjack stands out is that it offers up side-bets. These include 21+3, Perfect Pairs, Hot 3 and Bust It bets. The game also features the 6-Card Charlie Rule. This rule means that any player who has a hand which consists of six cards is automatically deemed to be a winner, irrespective of what the dealer has. This does not count if the six-card hand is bust.

Now back to the side-bets, and we should look at each of these side-bets in closer detail next.


Infinite Blackjack comes packing several side-bets. Here is a rough guide to what you can expect to see in the game:

  • 21+3 Bet: This bet involves forming a poker hand with your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. These can include Flushes, Straights, Three-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush and a Suited Three-of-a-Kind. Prizes vary depending on the three-card poker hand you have.
  • Perfect Pairs Bet: A Perfect Pairs bet can see winnings of 7:1 paid out if you land a mixed pair with your first two cards (that is, a pair made up of two different colours). Prizes of 15:1 can be won with a coloured pair (a pair in the same colour, but different suits), and 30:1 can be had if you land a Perfect Pair. The latter is a pair of cards of the same suit and rank.
  • The Hot 3 Bet: This side-bet is based on your two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. The combination needs to add up to between 19 and 21 points.
  • The Bust It Bet: This final side-bet is a stake on whether the dealer’s hand exceeds 21, and is seldom likely to come off. This bet is often avoided by many players, much like the naturally dodgy insurance bets.

Other Features

As you will have noticed, Infinite Blackjack is packing a top array of side-bets and features. Let us recap on some of those, as well as discuss a few other niceties that Infinite Blackjack has to offer players.

  • Side-Bets Aplenty: Any blackjack player who fancies their chances with side-bets is going to be spoilt for choice here. Bust It, 21+3, Hot 3 and Perfect Pairs are all possible in this live dealer blackjack game.
  • Unlimited Players: Infinite Blackjack has been designed to cater to an unlimited number of players on purpose. Because of its unique part-RNG and part-live dealer format, any player, irrespective of where they are in the world can get to grips with this game, without the need for the betting behind function commonly found in other live dealer blackjack games.
  • Basic Blackjack Gameplay: Even if you don’t fancy the side-bets, Infinite Blackjack offers standard blackjack gameplay. You can bet without having a seat at the table, eight decks of cards are used, and RNGs ensure that fair and random deals occur. You will also have access to the usual array of hitting, standing, doubling down, splitting and insurance bets, in accordance with traditional blackjack rules.
  • Flexible Table Limits: The flexible table limits which appear in this blackjack game means that everybody can have a punt. The game is not reserved for those on a budget or the super-wealthy. This naturally makes it the ideal game for any player who has even the slightest interest in playing live dealer blackjack online.

Where to Play Infinite Blackjack Online

Infinite Blackjack is a game which regularly appears at online casinos offering Evolution Gaming’s live dealer suite of games. Whereas Evolution’s conventional live blackjack is a seven-seater table (with betting behind permitted), some players can struggle to get a seat and get to the heart of the action. Infinite Blackjack solves this problem, and so it is quite a popular addition at live dealer casinos.

Most Canadian players should be able to find the game with ease. Any top and reputable online casino which offers Evolution Gaming live casino games is likely to provide this much-in-demand live blackjack game. At this website, we will even point you in the direction of several top casinos, all of which accept players in Canada and are known to offer Infinite Blackjack to their members..

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