Evolution Gaming is known across the world for being the world’s premier developer of live dealer casino games. They were one of the first providers to develop live casino games, and in their many years, this experienced provider has dished out an ample number of roulette casino games. In August 2020, the kingpin decided to launch yet another new entry to their live roulette portfolio, and Instant Roulette was born.

What is Evolution Gaming’s Instant Roulette all about, though, and how does it differ from the myriad of other live roulette games you can play from this software provider? It is time we took an in-depth look and found out.

What is Instant Roulette?

Instant Roulette consists of twelve individual, synchronised automatic roulette wheels. The game sees one roulette wheel start spinning, while a ball is dropped into the mechanism. A further eleven balls will then drop into the other eleven roulette wheels sequentially. This allows players the opportunity to bet whenever they like, at a pace which suits them.

The unlimited betting time which is available via this new version of Auto Roulette makes it the perfect gambling game for players who like to take their time or feel pressured to make decisions in traditional live dealer roulette games.

Table Limits and Betting Options

When they want to play, players must first decide which bet they want to make, by placing their chips on the relevant spots on the betting board. This is no different from any conventional live roulette game. After doing so, they can hit the “Play Now” button which appears on the screen. After the button has been selected and the bet made, the player’s bet will become active on whichever roulette wheel drops its ball closest to the time the bet has been processed. This roulette wheel is selected automatically by the program, so despite being a live roulette game, no human interference from a live person is required.

Evolution Gaming’s Instant Roulette follows the same rules as European Roulette. This naturally means that you will have the standard single zero on the wheel. You will also benefit from a full array of standard roulette betting options. In short, all conventional inside and outside bets are available, as well as racetrack (call bet) options.

Betting and table limits can vary. Ultimately, Evolution Gaming generally plays its games over several different tables. Some will be ideally suited for players on a budget. Others, specifically high-rollers, will be able to splash large sums of cash on the game. Conventional live dealer stakes in Evolution’s live dealer casino games range from $1 up to $50,000, although the exact table limits may vary from game to game.

Prizes and Payouts

You won’t be surprised to see that the same prizes and payouts are available in this game as in other European and Auto Roulette games from this provider. In short, they are as follows:

Outside Bets

  • High or Low numbers, Odds/Evens, Blacks or Reds: 1:1
  • Dozens and Columns: 2:1

Inside Bets:

  • Six-Line: 5:1
  • Corner: 8:1
  • Street/Trio: 11:1
  • Split: 17:1
  • Straight-Up Bet: 35:1

Most of the other aspects of the roulette game, such as the odds and probability of success are the same in this release as in other Evolution Gaming developed live casino games; there is nothing out of the ordinary here. There are no side-bets woven into the game (apart from racetrack and call bets, but these don’t really count), so generic, simplistic European roulette gameplay is the order of the day here.

Other Features

Most Evolution Gaming developed live casino roulette games tend to come with an array of added features and other goodies which help them stand out from the pack. Instant Roulette is no different. Let us take a look at a few of the other features you can expect to find in this game, starting with the Rebet feature.

  • Rebet Option: Just because players can take as much time as they want to bet on Instant Roulette, does not mean that everybody wants to. For those players who want to speed up the process of playing, there is the option to do so. The “Rebet” button comes in mightily handy for that. If you are content wagering exactly the same stake on precisely the same bet as your previous go, then hitting the Rebet button will give you the chance to do this.
  • The Experience: Evolution Gaming’s Instant Roulette is quite a bizarre game when you consider what it actually offers. Here is a game which is, for all intents and purposes, played in precisely the same manner as a standard RNG (random number generator) roulette game. However, the atmosphere, realism and authenticity of a live casino game are still very much present. There are precious few other games quite like it.
  • Expert Algorithms: Which roulette wheel you get to play with is entirely down to when you placed your bet. The moment you hit the “Play Now” button, the game will calculate (using algorithms) which of the twelve roulette wheels was in action at the time closest to your bet, and ensure that you are using that wheel. Because a computer handles this process (much like in Auto Roulette) and not a human, there can be no accusations of cheating.
  • Strategies Are Possible: Most live dealer roulette games require you to place bets within a fairly strict time window. This will limit the amount of time you have to bet. If you are using betting strategies, this can be as much of a pain as if you were in a real land-based, brick-and-mortar casino. However, Instant Roulette alleviates this problem. Because you are free to slap a bet down when you want, you can take your time when betting, giving you precious time to calculate the value of your next bet or have a look at a cheat sheet to see whether you should raise or lower your bet according to a betting strategy.
  • Adjustable Cameras: Most Evolution Gaming developed live casino titles come with adjustable camera angles, and Instant Roulette is no different. There are several HD video cameras for you to choose from.
  • Unlimited Seats/Betting Behind: As with most roulette games (though, not all), there is no limit on the number of players who can bet on Instant Roulette. It is a free-for-all, essentially.
  • Stats and Screens: Evolution Gaming typically kits out there games with a selection of histories and screens. Of course, because twelve wheels are in place, using hot and cold numbers when betting is going to be problematic. However, you can still get full data and stats of your previous bets with ease.

Where to Play Instant Roulette Online

Evolution Gaming has a vast array of live dealer casino games you can play, and not all appear at the same casinos. However, the brightest and most inventive ones tend to do so, and Instant Roulette is most certainly that.

Instant Roulette made its debut in the online casino world in August 2020. As with most games, releases tend to be somewhat gradual, but by now it should be available to play at most top Canadian online casinos supporting games from Evolution Gaming. Any Canadian casino sporting a Maltese or UK license should fit the bill, while many Curacao licensed Canadian casinos also carry games from Evolution.

As most major Canadian online casinos offer live dealer games from this developer, your chances of finding Instant Roulette at your favourite casino is likely to be very high.

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