Dice games may not stand out quite as much as baccarat, blackjack, roulette or table poker games, but they are nonetheless a vital gambling game for many players. Dice games are amongst the newest additions to the live dealer casino world, and few software providers are yet to spend resources creating games themed around dice. One software provider that has done just that (and thus, got themselves in pole position to dominate the gaming genre) is Evolution Gaming.

Not only has Evolution Gaming produced a simple dice game in live dealer format, but they have also jazzed it up by incorporating the “lightning” feature commonly found in some of their other games. The Lightning family of live dealer games has a new and admittedly unusual member, and it is one which unquestionably deserves a closer look.

What is Lightning Dice?

Lightning Roulette proved to be a revolutionary success for Evolution Gaming, so for them to follow it up with the launch of other “lightning” games is not that unusual. Lightning Dice, on the other hand, most certainly is.

Evolution Gaming has taken an ordinary dice game and added spice and excitement to it. The end result is a game which can see you pocket prizes based on the numbers on the dice you wager on. However, much like in other “lightning games”, prizes can be multiplied if you have bet on the right number. Let’s find out more…

Table Limits and Betting Options

First and foremost, Lightning Dice is a dice-based game. Naturally, this means that casino players are going to be betting on the numbers which appear on them. Table limits on Lightning Dice can vary from casino to casino and game to game but expect minimum table limits of $0.20 (sometimes $1) and maximum bet caps of $1,000 (sometimes $2,000) in most instances.

There are three red dice, and each has the traditional face values of one to six. The live dealer will shake the dice and roll them. Once players have wagered on the total of the three dice, the dice are rolled and dropped into a Lightning Tower – or a perspex maze. You can use interactive HD cameras to follow them on their way. One number (or several) will be “struck by lightning”, and these numbers will then be afforded mega-money multipliers. These multipliers can rise to up to 1,000x the rate of pay.

That is about all there is to the game, really. Despite being one of the simplest live games in Evolution Gaming’s arsenal of titles, the initial response to Lightning Dice has been positive. The software provider has managed to find a way to turn what is seemingly a dull and boring game into a fascinating and heart-pumping one.

Prizes and Payouts

Of course, the rewards and payouts CAN be magnified courtesy of the lightning multipliers, but that won’t always be the case. The default payouts include:

Default Wins

  • Total of 3 or 18: Pays 150:1
  • Total of 4 or 17: Pays 50:1
  • Total of 5 or 16: Pays 25:1
  • Total of 6 or 15: Pays 15:1
  • Total of 7 or 14: Pays 10:1
  • Total of 8 or 13: Pays 7:1
  • Total of 9 or 12: Pays 6:1
  • Total of 10 or 11: Pays 5:1

Lightning Winnings:

On each roll, either two or three number totals will be selected at random for lightning prizes. These are special bonus multipliers which could be worth up to 1,000x the rate of pay. These are truly random prizes and random number totals, so there is no way to gauge what you will win or what number combos they will be, save for knowing the maximum amount that can be pocketed.

Other Features

Lightning Dice adds gloss to what would otherwise be a reasonably dull dice game. However, there is more to this Evolution Gaming developed live dealer casino game than multipliers and betting on totals. Here are a few other features and things to note that you can expect to find in Lightning Dice, should you give it a whirl…

  • Ideal for Everyone: Lightning Dice is the very definition of a game which is ideal for everyone. This is a casino game of chance, pure and simple. No prior gambling experience is required to use the game, and no betting logic can be applied to give yourself an edge. This makes Lightning Dice one of the easiest, most straightforward live dealer games around. If you are new to the live casino betting experience and haven’t done your blackjack, baccarat, roulette or poker skills, Lightning Dice is the perfect introductory game.
  • Multiple Streaming Locations: Lightning Dice is streamed from many casino floors and studios across the world. You can expect to see the game broadcast from luxurious casinos in the United Kingdom and Malta, as well as studios in Riga, Latvia.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: Like most Evolution Gaming developed live casino games, Lightning Dice has been designed to be mobile-friendly. Despite being played over a video stream, the customisable interface is well adapted to running on the types of smaller screens you see on phones and tablets, as well as large computer screens alike. Because it is an instant-play (browser-based) live casino game, it does not require mobile casino apps or software to be downloaded, either, making it suitable for iOS (Apple) and Android casino players alike.
  • Unlimited Players: This game does not involve seats or a limited number of players. Because each player uses a digital interface to bet, and the live human dealer does not need to move casino chips around or deal cards, an unlimited number of players from across the world can wager on the game at once. The game is also fully compatible with the Canadian dollar currency, making it well-suited for players based in Canada to play.
  • Visually Gorgeous: You might not think that there is too much to shout about when betting on the outcome of a dice roll. However, Evolution Gaming has created something of a spectacle to behold in Lightning Dice. The dealer flips a switch which sends “lightning” into the game to determine the lucky multiplier numbers. At the same time, the array of high definition cameras allows you to follow the dice on their journey down the Lightning Tower. The game is mostly about aesthetics rather than pure gambling excitement, but that only showcases the skill Evolution Gaming has deployed to turn what is essentially a dull game into an exhilarating experience.

Where to Play Lightning Dice Online

First and foremost, we must stress that this is a dice game, and dice games (no matter who develops them, or how exciting they may) are seldom as popular as traditional casino classics such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette or table poker games. That being said, you do still stand a more than reasonable chance of finding Lightning Dice at Canadian online casinos, and there is an excellent reason for that.

This game acts as the perfect introductory title for those Canadian players who are new to live dealer gaming, and many top casinos know this. If a Canadian casino offers live dealer titles from Evolution Gaming (and our top recommended casinos do), then your odds of finding Lightning Dice are surprisingly good.

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