Evolution Gaming’s live dealer money wheel games (such as Dream Catcher) have proven popular with online casino players. In fact, Dream Catcher was such a surprise success that Evolution Gaming decided to revisit the game, albeit with a new look, new theme, and a significant brand attached. Monopoly Live is the result, and it is available to play at most top online casinos today.

What is Monopoly Live, and how does it differ from Dream Catcher, though? How does it compare to the many other live casino games in Evolution Gaming’s range? It is ideal for all players, newbies and pros alike? On this page, we will look at Monopoly Live and get the bottom of it all for you.

What is Monopoly Live?

Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live has been developed in partnership in Hasbro Inc and produced under license from them. Of course, from the moment you set eyes on Monopoly Live, you will see that it has a lot of similarities with Dream Catcher, in that both titles are money wheel games. However, there are a few added goodies and features in the game which help it stand out, and we will look at some of those in the next section.

Like other Evolution Gaming developed titles, this is a live casino game. This means that it is played with a real-to-life human dealer, who spins the wheels and keeps tabs on the action. A virtual Mr Monopoly also gets in on the action, just to add a little more thematic gameplay to the release. Now, let us look at how the live game is played.

Table Limits and Betting Options

Monopoly Live features a giant money wheel, which is divided up into 54 segments. Each of those segments includes simple numbers such as 1, 2, 5 and 10. Unlike Dream Catcher, there are no 20 or 40 numbers included. Once a bet has been placed, the wheel is spun. If the pointer lands on the number associated with your bet, you will then that amount multiplied against your total stake. Thus far, everything seems relatively simple and straightforward. Table limits in this game range from $0.10 up to $2,500.

The wheel also contains a few other segments which are worth noting. These include Chance, 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. If the pointer lands on these segments of the wheel, a handful of special things can happen.

If the Chance segment is highlighted, any player who has wagered on it will pocket a cash multiplier or instant cash prize. The multiplier is won by spinning the wheel one last time. If a multiplier is landed again, those multipliers are added together, and so on, until a number is landed to apply that multiplier to.

If the 2 Roll or 4 Roll segments are hit, players will get to take part in a 3D bonus round. In this RNG (random number generator) feature, Mr Monopoly will dive out of his chair, and roll a pair of dice (either twice or four times, accordingly). He will move along a digital Monopoly board, collecting multipliers as he does so. Those will then be multiplied against your total stake to offer a cash prize.

Prizes and Payouts

Ordinary wins in Monopoly Live are multipliers against whatever number you bet on. For instance, if you were to wager on any of the following numbers and they were landed, this is what you would win.

  • Bet on Number 1: 1:1
  • Bet on Number 2: 2:1
  • Bet on Number 5: 5:1
  • Bet on Number 10: 10:1

When the Chance, 2 Roll and 4 Roll multipliers come into play, the amount you can win tends to grow rather rapidly. Like so…

  • Chance: Either an instant win cash prize is paid out, or you will receive a multiplier. The wheel is then spun again to determine the cash prize that is multiplied. If you land successive multipliers, they are multiplied together first, to give you an immense cash prize.
  • 2 Roll/4 Roll: Mr Monopoly will roll dice and move across a Monopoly board. As he does so in this 3D game, he will collect multipliers which are then paid out against your total stake.

Other Features

Here are a few other things you might wish to note about Monopoly Live.

  • Unlimited Gameplay: Monopoly Live does not have a specific limit in terms of how many players can enjoy the game. In theory, thousands of players can get a slice of the action. Moreover, you don’t need any special gambling skills or foresight to play this game. Monopoly Live is solely a game of chance, so even rank amateurs and newbies can play.
  • Monopoly Through and Through: This is a live casino game which has been officially licensed from Hasbro. It features familiar elements such as properties (in the bonus game), and Mr Monopoly himself. This adds an extra dynamic to the live game and clearly marks it out as being different from Dream Catcher and Evolution Gaming’s other money wheel releases.
  • Both Live and RNG Action: Monopoly Live uses both live dealer and RNG (random number generator) gameplay in a way quite unlike many other Evolution Gaming games. In most titles, there is always a digital OSD (on-screen display) to bet with, while the action tends to be live-streamed. In Monopoly Live, there is a bonus round which is fully RNG-based. This makes the live dealer game stand out from its sister games and adds an extra element of excitement which you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to get.
  • Other Notable Traits: There are a few other things which are worth noting about Monopoly Live, too. Firstly, the game can be played in multiple languages. English, German and Italian language dealers are just a few of those who man the game. There are also multiple cameras that you can use, and switching between them can give you a close of the action whenever it suits you. The game has also been developed to be mobile-friendly and is streamed directly from Evolution Gaming’s studio in Riga, Latvia. A few side-bets are also possible in this game, and they come in the form of the Chance and 2/4 Roll options.

Where to Play Monopoly Live Online

While Dream Catcher is a hugely successful live dealer game for Evolution Gaming, it is highly likely that Monopoly Live will surpass it. This is a game which bears a brand, and world-famous one at that. The Monopoly brand carries a lot of weight behind it and makes this live casino game instantly appealing.

Even if we were to strip back the brand, there is plenty of top-quality action to be had here. Unsurprisingly, many leading online and live casino sites have been eager to implement the game in their portfolios. Monopoly Live can be found at almost any online casino which hosts Evolution Gaming titles. If you can find an online casino which carries Dream Catcher, it will almost certainly offer Monopoly Live, too.

The best way to find internet casinos that offer Monopoly Live quickly is to head to our casino reviews section. There, we detail the most reputable sites which are providing this release to players across the net.

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