Neither Sic Bo nor Dragon Tiger are the two most popular casino games ever devised. Nonetheless, they do still have their followers and loyal players. There is a significant enough devoted crowd to both games to convince Evolution Gaming to transform them into live dealer casino games. While some casinos typically offer Evolution’s array of live baccarat, blackjack, money-wheel, roulette and table poker games, a handful of them have gone the whole hog and decided to host Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger, to boot.

What are these two games and why might you consider playing them in your favourite live dealer casinos? Given the simplistic nature of both titles, it is worth covering the games on a single page. That is what we will attempt to do as we look at Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger today.

What is Super Sic Bo?

Super Sic Bo is Evolution Gaming’s live dealer take on an Asian favourite. Sic Bo involves betting on the outcome of dice, much like in craps. However, the predominantly electronic game has many more betting options than its famous Western counterpart. With a bit of luck, you can win up to 1,000x your bet with random multipliers in this game. Let us examine this game of chance a little closer…

Table Limits and Betting Options

Super Sic Bo features a betting board which has been digitally recreated in your display. This CGI interface shows you every possible betting combination you can choose to wager on, and there are many of those there. Bets are relatively cheap, stemming from $0.20 up to $2,500 a bet.

The types of bets you have open to you include big, small, odd, even, specific triples, specific doubles, any triples, any doubles, the total of all three dice, dice combinations, single dice numbers, four-number combinations, three-single number combinations, or specific double and single number combos, amongst others.

After you have placed your live bet on the relevant part of the digital betting board, the human dealer will start the game. Dice are shaken and then rolled out into a transparent container. You can use HD cameras to get a close up of those dice as they are rolled.

If the numbers or combination of numbers on the dice matches those you have opted to wager on, then you will pocket a win. That win is determined by a paytable and the amount you have bet. Let us check out those prizes next.

Prizes and Payouts

The amount you can win in Sic Bo depends greatly on how much you have bet. Here is a brief sampling of the types of wins you can expect to pocket from bets on Super Sic Bo:

  • Even-Money Bets: 1:1
  • Totals: 6:1 up to 50:1
  • Specific Triples: 150:1

At any point in the game, random multipliers may come into play. If they do, they can magnify what can be won. These are partly the reason why this game gets its name. Super Sic Bo’s multipliers can see prizes rise to 499:1 for totals or even 999:1 with specific triples.

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is arguably one of the simplest gambling games you can find, not just in the online casino world, but anywhere. It makes for a very effective, simplistic and fast-paced live dealer game, too. Essentially, all a player is doing in Dragon Tiger is choosing which of two hands will have the highest value card – either the Dragon Hand, or the Tiger one. Rounds take less than 25 seconds, but naturally, Evolution Gaming has found a way to spice things up a bit. Let’s look at the game in closer detail here.

Table Limits and Betting Options

Betting on Dragon Tiger is a doddle, and should be a piece of cake for newbies and pros alike. There is only 25 seconds between the betting rounds, so you will need to be relatively quick about this process. However, staking a bet is hardly challenging in Dragon Tiger. You must start by deciding whether you wish to bet on Dragon, Tiger, a draw, or a side-bet. The side-bet in this game is a Suited Draw. Bets in Dragon Tiger range from $0.10 up to a $1,000, although some games may offer larger table limits.

After a bet has been played, the deck is cut into two, and two cards are drawn. One of these will be the Dragon hand and the other the Tiger hand. The cards then turned over. Whichever hand happens to be the highest value hand will win. That really is all there is to Dragon Tiger. This game is so simple, even a child (if children could gamble) could grasp it.

Prizes and Payouts

Of course, gambling games which are as simple as this are not going to offer extensive paytables. Unsurprisingly, Dragon Tiger is a game of chance, so payouts tend to be basic. Here is what you can expect to find in this Evolution Gaming developed live casino game:

  • Dragon or Tiger Win: 1:1
  • Tied Win (Draw): 11:1

If you decide to be brave, you can always opt to place a Suited Tie or Suited Draw. This side-bet is a wager that the game will end in a draw and that both cards will be not only the same value but also the same suit. The odds of this occurring are not great. However, with a potential side-bet prize worth 50:1, it is possible that some players will be interested in having a punt on this risky option.

Other Features

Both Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger are live dealer games, so there are a few nifty things to note about each release. These include:

  • Super Sic Bo: Sic Bo is streamed from Evolution Gaming’s studio floor in Riga, Latvia. This game allows you to switch between cameras to get a closer look at the game as it unfolds. Moreover, the game is mobile-friendly, allowing you to enjoy Super Sic Bo on the go.
  • Dragon Tiger: Dragon Tiger can be played from multiple locations. Streams are broadcast from Canada, Georgia, Malta and Romania. There are side-bets, and random shuffling occurs before each game. This is a mobile-friendly game, although only one camera is used to keep tabs on the action.

Where to Play Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger Online

Evolution Gaming’s live dealer suite of games is wide-spread across the online casino world. As mentioned, while the majority of these sites offer the software provider’s baccarat, blackjack, roulette and table poker games, and a good deal also dish out Evolution’s money-wheel games, Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger are not as common. Nonetheless, it is possible to find casinos offering these games.

You are free to scout the net looking for top online casinos offering Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games. However, if you want to start betting on Super Sic Bo and/or Dragon Tiger straight away, we can help. Navigate to our online casino reviews section, and you will find a top-notch selection of Canada-friendly online casinos which are currently offering both of these live dealer casino games to their members.

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