Evolution, the most renowned provider of video-streamed live casino solutions, has decided to reveal its newest product – a classic Asian bead game of chance called Fan Tan. This release has been announced just a few weeks after Evolution started a collaboration with Sunbet in South Africa. Also, at the start of September, the company brought four cryptopunks to display in the new NFT Megaways slot and it also acquired DigiWheel.

Fan Tan, the company’s newest product, is based on the repeated division of beads. The game is authentic in every aspect, and it is obvious that Evolution did its best to give its players a world-class online version of the ancient and much-traveled Asian bead game of chance.

During the game, players will be required to predict how many beads are in the game. The dealer will use a metal cup to separate a random number of beads, without players knowing how many are there. The beads are placed at the center of the table, covered by a glass dome.

Todd Haushalter, chief product officer at Evolution, talked about the game:

“Fan Tan is an ancient and largely forgotten about game but we wanted to pay it respect with this fresh and modern version.”

Haushalter believes that this new product will refresh the company’s portfolio and attract a whole new generation of players who are craving something different. The game also has Live Game Statistics that could help new players to learn the ropes quicker.