It seems that former Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr is still jamming at his home, and quite often he has some pretty interesting guests. In this interview, Ringo Starr talks about working his Charlie Watts of Rolling Stones and John Bonham from Led Zeppelin. He also said that his All-Starr Band tour in Canada will start at Casino Rama, the location that is just two hours north of Toronto.

Star was attending a Zoom press Conference in which he promoted his four-song EP, Change the World.

He said:

“Bonham got on the kit, so as he was playing, the bass drum was hopping away, and you had Charlie Watts and Ringo holding the bass drum for him as he played. And you think, ‘Oh, man. That would have been a great little video or TikTok, and it would have gone worldwide. But in the ‘70s, I had parties, and you’ll never find any photos because I wouldn’t let you take photos in my house. But I always think that would have been a great shot to have. So, we will miss Charlie. A beautiful human being. And he’s like the quiet man.”

Starr’s new release comes as Peter Jackson just released a newly-edited version of the 1970 documentary, The Beatles: Get Back. Starr talked about the famous Beatles rooftop concert, which was only about eight-and-half minutes in the original film:

“I love it, but I’m in it, of course, so six hours is never long enough. And I think everyone will enjoy it because you’ll see this band work hard and went through emotional ups and downs to get to where we got every time. That’s just how it was. Four guys in a room — you’re going to have a few ups and downs.”

In the end, Starr talked about Casino Rama:

“I love Casino Rama. It’s impossible to say now if it’s on. I’m saying in my heart it’s on, but we’ll see where we are. Getting through the pandemic has not been easy. But what makes it easy for me is I get a chance to make music. It’s been a very strange year, but when the tour dates come up, I realize, ‘God! I want to be on tour!’ ”