Gamdom and the sponsorship division of HomeSweetHome (HSH) have signed a partnership deal that will see the esports gambling platform being the sole sportsbook brand of all HSH CS:GO and Dota tournaments for Q1 2021.

All HSH’s events will include Gamdom in its content via logo placement, and the platform’s odds will be prevalent during all HSH CS:GO and Dota competitions. Players will be able to see the gambling platform’s logo in specific locations during games.

Felix Römer, Gamdom’s CEO, stated:

“Gamdom is thrilled to attach our name to the Home Sweet Home and Relog brand. Gamdom is the greatest place for esports fans to have unique and engaging experiences while grabbing a share of the action. Our sponsorship is designed to increase the prize pool for the event, attract the top teams, and in turn give the fans the excitement they crave.”

When Serbian-based Relog Media got the license of HomeSweetHome, it was immediately announced that the brand will return to action.

Marko Jovanovic, Relog Media’s Head of Esports and Business Development, commented:

“Gamdom is truly a legacy esports betting site and has one of the largest player bases of true CSGO and DOTA enthusiasts in the ecosystem. It shows where the Nine to Five and Relog’s brand has grown and is going when we first conceptualized the series. With the help of our partners (at HSH) we are able to bring Gamdom directly into the center of every major play by integrating their branding directly into the game.”