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The Northwest Territories is considerable in size, and yet with a population of just over 40,000, it is one of the smallest inhabited regions of Canada. The second most populous of Canada’s three territories the Northwest Territories is predominantly inhabited by First Nations Canadians, and gambling is popular amongst them. If you live in the Northwest Territories and want to bet on gambling games, what can you play? We will look at the laws of this Canadian region and get to the bottom of the mystery for you.

Is Gambling Legal in the Northwest Territories?

Gambling is legal in the Northwest Territories. The NWT and Nunavut Lotteries organisation permit virtually all forms of gambling. The Northwest Territories is an exciting region to look at for gambling law as, despite their liberal stance on gambling, there are virtually no brick-and-mortar gambling establishments in the territory – the climate virtually prohibits it.

Land-based gambling opportunities are nonetheless possible if you live in the Northwest Territories, and here are a few of the options you have open to you:

Casino Games: Unsurprisingly, betting in land-based casinos is perfectly legal in the Northwest territories, provided that those establishments are licensed. Unfortunately, there is no one single casino to be found. This is not because of gambling law, though. The main reason is that the inhabitants of the Northwest Territories live far apart. What we should say is that casino gaming would be legal – if the NWT had a casino.

Lottery Games: Lotteries and other forms of these games are legal if they are licensed by the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Lotteries organisation. The Municipal and Community Affairs department must also regulate these lotteries. Some larger-scale lotteries are licensed and run by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

Sports Betting: Again, the NWT and Nunavut Lotteries group runs and regulates sports betting. These games are issued via the Sport Select option. You are free to wager on many major sports matches, but stakes are limited to $250 per day. Each ticket required two bets to be made and to win a player must land both bets.

What About Online Gambling?

Interestingly, the Northwest Territories have virtually made online gambling legal. While there are no territory-sponsored online casinos, the authorities in the state do not really mind if you opt to visit offshore casinos at all. This is advantageous as there are many of these sites for you to choose from.

Licensed Betting Sites

Players in the Northwest Territories are permitted to play at online casinos, although they do not endorse any themselves. The Canadian Criminal Code essentially forbids Canadians from playing at national casinos which are licensed out of other territories and provinces. However, players in the Northwest Territories are more than welcome to visit any offshore casino to play.

Offshore Betting Sites

As mentioned, the Northwest Territories have no problems with you opting to play at offshore and foreign casinos. Just make sure that those casinos are licensed outside of Canada, or at the very least, Kahnawake before you play there.

Some of the many hundreds of online betting sites that you can choose to play at if you are based in the Northwest Territories include:

  • Online casinos
  • Bingo rooms
  • Poker rooms
  • Racebooks
  • Online sportsbooks
  • International lottery ticket sites, and more

It is not against the law for you to play at any online casinos, sportsbook, or other betting sites provided another Canadian province does not license it. An exception is made for Kahnawake licensed sites, as they are run by the First Nations. Of course, just because you can play at foreign casinos, does not mean you should dive straight in. There are a few things you may wish to check out first. Let us look at those next…

Should I Play at Internet Betting Sites in the Northwest Territories?

Any player (no matter where they reside) should always be careful before they decide to play at internet betting sites which are based offshore. There are some key criteria that players in the Northwest Territories should keep an eye out for. First and foremost, these sites should be licensed. If they are not licensed out of Kahnawake, they should hold another reputable license, such as one from the United Kingdom, Malta, or another region.

On top of that, these offshore casinos should be regulated and feature responsible gaming tools, such as wager caps, deposit caps, and cool-down options if players need them. They should also cater to Canadian players. This may mean offering the Canadian dollar currency or serving up Canada-friendly payment methods. Coming across an array of bonuses or promotions which can be claimed by players in Canada is also a plus. Not every decent bonus you will come across online can be claimed by Canadians, and available offers may differ from region to region.

You could, of course, choose to do the digging for yourself. If you stick to the recommendations above, you will likely find a top place to play. However, you can speed up the process by choosing one of our recommended casinos. These sites all score highly in the criteria already mentioned. Moreover, they are certified as fair, trustworthy and ideal for players in the Northwest Territories.

Living in the Northwest Territories is advantageous, as you can virtually wager on whatever you like, whenever you want online. With our array of selected online casinos, you can get started safely today.

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