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Nunavut is arguably one of the more obscure places you can choose to gamble from in Canada. With an exceedingly small population, Canada’s newest territory is most famous for its harsh weather and remote towns, rather than gambling. It is, nonetheless, quite possible to gamble from inside Nunavut. How, and what can you play within the confines of Canada’s Criminal Code? It is time we looked at legal online gambling in Nunavut.

Is Gambling Legal in Nunavut?

Despite the small population in Nunavut, the territory has some of the most flexible gambling laws of any area in Canada. Many gambling games in the Canadian territory are run by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC). However, the gambling activities themselves are regulated by the Provincial Government of Nunavut. The Consumer Affairs group keeps tabs on proprietors to ensure that the Nunavut Lottery Act and Regulations are being adhered to.

Here is a summary of what you can expect to play in Nunavut…

VLTs: Video lottery terminals (or VLTs) are games of chance, not too dissimilar from slots and fruit machines. These games are legal in the Canadian territory and can be found at all age-restricted locations, such as bars and taverns.

Casino Games: Nunavut does not have any brick-and-mortar casinos, but casino games are legal and can be played in other age-restricted establishments.

Horse Racing: Despite there not being any permanent racetracks in Nunavut, its residents are permitted to bet on horse racing and outlets and online.

Lottery Games: Run by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, lotteries can be played either through a dedicated online website or via land-based retailers.

Sports Betting: Sports betting is also legal in Nunavut. You can bet on games courtesy of the Sport Select program. As is the case with other Canadian provinces, you will need to place two bets on games, and you must win both bets to receive a payout. Moreover, wagers are capped at $250 per day.

It is also worth pointing out that residents of Nunavut are not permitted to gamble with each other in private bets. However, given the vast distance between populations, the government does little to crack down on this, and many residents of Nunavut enjoy playing casino games and other gambling games for real money amongst themselves.

What About Online Gambling?

In theory, any online casino which is licensed out of Nunavut is legal to play at. You are also permitted to play at online casinos which licensed outside of Canada. Canada’s Criminal Code essentially makes it illegal to bet at other Canadian licensed casinos. However, the larger concern for players in Nunavut is to do with the internet itself, not the legality of online casinos. Nunavut’s harsh weather and remoteness make it challenging to land decent internet connections for some residents.

Licensed Betting Sites

Any online casino you come across which is licensed out of Nunavut (there are not really any worth mentioning) is considered legal. However, with these casinos seemingly absent from the scene, residents of the Canadian territory tend to visit offshore casinos to bet online. There are, however, online sports betting (Sport Select) and lottery sites you can play at.

Offshore Betting Sites

The Nunavut Lottery Act and Regulations do not specifically mention online gambling. Canada’s Criminal Code, therefore, becomes the law which you must adhere to. That states that players in one province or territory cannot play at a Canadian internet betting site licensed out of another province or territory. As offshore casinos do not fall under this law, they are essentially legal. Alongside online casinos, you can also find these types of international betting sites accepting players from Nunavut…

  • Online casinos
  • Bingo rooms
  • Poker rooms
  • Racebooks
  • Online sportsbooks
  • International lottery ticket sites, and more

Players in Nunavut are going to be able to play without the need for a VPN (virtual private network), and many offshore and foreign casinos are all too happy to accept them. It is worth noting; however, that internet disruptions are common in the territory, which makes some games (notably live dealer ones) awkward to play.

Should I Play at Internet Betting Sites in Nunavut?

Before you sign up at any casino which is open to accepting you (and there are many), it is worth discussing the perks of playing at bona fide Canadian-friendly casinos. First and foremost, we must stress that there is nothing in Canadian gambling law which prevents you from playing at foreign sites. You cannot be punished for joining and wagering at an international casino.

You should not just join any casino, either. Players in Nunavut have hundreds of casinos they can choose from, so there is no reason to settle for anything less than the absolute best. These will be casinos which offer the following:

  • Canadian dollar currency
  • Canada-friendly payment methods
  • Bonuses which can be claimed by Canadian players
  • Canadian support, in English and French (if need be)
  • Casinos which are licensed and regulated
  • Casinos which are certified and offer player protection

Any player in Nunavut can seek out Canada-friendly online casinos which fit the bill in these areas. However, our page can save you the trouble. Instead, you can head to our selection of online casino reviews. These sites have all be verified and are amongst the safest and most popular internet betting sites that players in Nunavut can choose to play at.

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