People from all over the world like to gamble, but after winning, they don’t all pay the same taxes. There are different tax regulations in different countries, so whether you play the game and win in Toronto or London isn’t the same.

After all, every Government understands that gambling can become the main source of income and tends to keep the balance between attracting and taxing casino companies with affordable rates. Now, Canadian gamblers are probably wondering what to expect if they are winning and plan to visit the United UK – or vice-versa.

That’s exactly why we have decided, in both countries, to take an overview of tax regulations and to tell you what to expect from winning money at a Canadian or UK casino. Let’s take a look!

Should you file a report in Canada about your casino winnings? The short answer is: Not really.

The Government of Canada has a highly specific gambling-related tax system because the area is not clearly defined. There are two basic options to consider here:

Gambling profits as revenues for a business: This option is extremely ineffective since traditional businesses are considered as having income sources from office, employment, business, and property. What it really means is that nobody pays any taxes to win a casino game because it doesn’t fit any of the above categories.

Gambling gains as income from an unenumerated source: if a revenue source is not in the four categories described above, the income source is considered unenumerated. But the truth is that this option has not been put to practice. This means that people who visit Canada’s best payout casino and win will be taxed.

professional players are the only people who report gambling winnings. But you must be a registered gambler to be eligible for the Canadian tax filing system.

Unlike Canada, the United Kingdom has a well-developed taxation system that applies to all forms of gambling. They have separate regulations on bingo, gaming, betting, slots, lottery, and other casino games.

But here is the good news: Gamblers, bar owners, and casino companies are almost exclusively focused in the UK when it comes to gambling-related income taxes. The Government is taxing entities that organize gambling, but it lets their customers play the game with no strings attached.

You can win money and leave the casino without filing a report on your gambling winnings, regardless of the game you’re playing. The rule applies to all games and types of casinos – both offline and online – with professional gamblers being the only exception. Those guys need to file a report and declare winnings on their tax returns.

Because of the so-called inheritance tax, the UK system is a bit trickier. If your gambling winnings exceed £325,000 a year, you are only entitled to give others up to £3000 per year. If you want to give a single person more than $3 thousand, you will be taxed.

At the same time, if gamblers declare spread betting as their primary source of income, local authorities will classify them as traders. Another taxing criterion that would make you liable, but it rarely occurs in reality.

Since both countries avoid taxing casino winners, it’s easy to spot the similarities between the two systems, but what are the differences? Here are the main distinctions:

-In Canada, professional gamblers are taxed when they win, while in the UK doesn’t follow the same pattern.

-Inheritance is taxable in the United Kingdom, which means that players who win more than $325,000 a year will only give $3000 to anyone without being taxed.

There are a few more minor differences between the two tax systems, but the ones we mentioned above are crucial.

Despite being separated by an ocean, the UK and Canada have very similar tax regulations in regards to gambling winnings. It’s a fortunate fact for players who frequently visit casinos in these two countries because winning a casino game in Canada and the UK is tax-free.

There are a few exceptions, mostly in the United Kingdom, but this does not change the fact that you will take your entire gambling winnings home. The bottom line is that gamblers in London, Montreal, Manchester, and Toronto love visiting casinos because they always get what they deserve.