Cheating at blackjack is certainly possible in the land-based gambling world, but cheating online is very different. After all, an unsuspecting (or unskilled) dealer, dodgy cards, or even a touch of sleight of hand is more than enough to get the job done. Admittedly, successful cheaters are rare and require no small amount of talent and a generous dose of luck.

It is a different kettle of fish cheating online, though. Most blackjack games have random number generators (RNGs) which ensure continual “shuffling” after every hand. Live dealer games give you an avenue and a window, but not much wiggle room. Cheating at online blackjack is virtually impossible, but Canada Online Casinos will, nonetheless, investigate further and reveal if it can actually be done.

Counting Cards Is Not Really Cheating…

First and foremost, we must touch on card counting. While casinos absolutely detest it and do have grounds to chuck you out of a brick-and-mortar joint if you are caught, counting cards is not technically illegal, and therefore, not cheating. All you are really doing is shifting the balance and edge to your favour. It is tricky to do in a land-based blackjack game, so pulling it off when betting online is an exceptional talent.

As mentioned, RNG games digitally reshuffle the decks after every hand. Therefore, your only shot here is to count cards in live blackjack games. Methods such as Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt-I, Hi-Opt-II methods, and the Omega II method have been known to succeed in land-based casinos, but the results in live blackjack games will vary and depend on many things.

Team Gameplay

Again, this is a technique which has been perfected and proven to work in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, getting the job done in an online casino is nigh-on impossible. RNG blackjack games are always single-player games. While it may be possible to play with friends in a live dealer casino, there are usually only so many seats, so the odds of you being paired with your friends are incredibly unlikely. Even back betting (or betting behind) is not going to work reliably here. Team gameplay is, therefore, out.

Blackjack Bots

Blackjack bots do exist. These are paid programs which are programmed on Basic Strategy. They can be programmed to advise you on the best move to make, based on the cards on the table. However, some are also designed to actively play the game for you. As these bots are programmed with an algorithm that sees them stick to Basic Strategy, they cannot guarantee a win with every hand. However, they are quite reliable if you want to play with a strategy and break even. In many cases, they can see your win ratio improve dramatically.

These bots can be bought online, although they may only work at certain casinos or with specific blackjack variants. Using a bot is unquestionably considered to be cheating, and some casinos are finding them such a nuisance that they now have software which hunts down the use of bots. If you are caught using one, expect to see your funds frozen and your account disabled.

Breaking RNG Programs

Most blackjack games that you can play online are RNG games. These are programmed with algorithms, known as random number generators. The basic idea is that the program will generate a random turn of events in each hand. As the decks are “shuffled” each time you play, they are impossible to predict. Right? Well, as it turns out, not entirely.

Most RNGs use a sort of looping pattern to generate “random” results. There is a pattern to be identified if you are clever and technologically skilled enough to spot it. However, only the world’s very best programmers have the kind of know-how to crack these supposed random number generators. Doing so is virtually impossible, although not definitely impossible.

There are several programs out there on the net which claim to be able to do this to help you cheat a blackjack game. However, none have ever been proven to be successful, and most are considered to be scams. Any programmer which has come up with this software is unlikely to want to share their great money-making secret.

The Casino Can Always Cheat

It isn’t looking like you are going to be able to cheat the casino when playing blackjack. However, there are certainly casinos out there which want to cheat you. Rogue and blacklisted casinos have long been known for offering woeful RTP (return to player) rates, and for supporting pirated games which do not give you a fair shot of success. Cheating works both ways, and while we would never advocate cheating when playing online blackjack, we would certainly recommend avoiding these types of casinos.

The Fair Kind of Cheating

There are, nonetheless, ways that you can get even with the casino, and try to reduce their house edge. After all, if the casino’s house edge is much reduced, things become fairer. Learning and using Basic Strategy to play online blackjack games is one way in which you can turn the tide a touch. Moreover, you can also seek out specific blackjack variants which lower the house edge even further. We must stress that none of these techniques will guarantee a win. However, neither are they considered cheating. What they can do is give you a slightly better chance of walking away with a return from online blackjack.

Can I Cheat at Online Blackjack?

As Canada Online has revealed, there is no method which you can use to cheat RNG-based online blackjack games. A definitive way to cheat an online blackjack game’s RNGs is the holy grail. Of course, the creators of such software are likely to keep their discovery a closely guarded secret. Despite the many claims, nobody has yet come forth with the evidence that it can be done. That doesn’t mean that you can’t fight back, though. You can count cards when playing live blackjack, and you can experiment with variants and Basic Strategy to lower the house edge. These can have good results, even if they can’t guarantee a win.

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