Conservative Blackjack Strategy

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The Conservative Strategy is not a widely known blackjack strategy, but it can certainly be effective. In truth, it is not primarily designed to help you lower the house edge (like the Basic Strategy is designed to do) but to teach you when to raise your stakes and when not to. This means that it can, in theory, be used alongside Blackjack Basic Strategy and to a considerably powerful effect. Unlike traditional betting systems such as the Martingale System, this betting strategy does not require you to double your bets following losses, allowing you to stay in the game longer.

Introducing the Conservative Strategy

If you can wrap your head around the Conservative Strategy, then there is every chance that you will be able to increase your blackjack bets as you play safely. Naturally, we are all afraid of wagering big sums of cash from the off. What the Conservative Strategy teaches Canadian blackjack players is when it is safe to do so, and when it isn’t. If used alongside Basic Strategy, some impressive results can be had. How does the Conservative Strategy work, though? explains that in the next section…

Conservative Strategy in Action

As with most blackjack strategies, the key to the Conservative Strategy is only to raise the stakes when you are winning. When you are losing, you drop down to a base minimum bet, protecting the money you have in reserve. This is the opposite of what popular strategies such as the Martingale suggest. Here is how it works:

  • Always start betting with the lowest possible bet. At most blackjack tables, this will be $1
  • Following a win, increase your bet by a single unit. This means increasing your bet by a single dollar every time you win
  • Should you suffer a loss, return to the original stake, which in our example will be $1

By returning to your original stake immediately following a loss, you are ensuring that you are safeguarding your original balance. You can use your winnings to carry on betting while protecting your starting fund. When the Conservative Strategy is used alongside Basic Strategy, you stand a reasonable chance of staying in the black for longer.

Why You Should and Should Not Use It

Here are the reasons why you may or may not be interested in using the Conservative Strategy when betting on blackjack at Canadian online casinos…

Reasons to Use the Conservative Strategy

  • It allows blackjack players a greater degree of control over their budget
  • This strategy can be used alongside Basic Strategy to great effect
  • It protects you from going bankrupt during heavy losing streaks
  • The Conservative Strategy is an easy to grasp system which is ideal for beginners

Reasons to Avoid the Conservative Strategy

  • It does not do anything to the house edge
  • It is a low-risk strategy, which may not suit high-rollers

Should I Use This Blackjack Strategy to Play Online?

If you want to protect your balance, and are not the type of blackjack player that likes to throw caution to the wind and risk all their chips on a stab in the dark; the Conservative Strategy is ideal for you. What makes this strategy even more appealing for Canadian blackjack players is that it can be used right alongside the Basic S

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