There are many times when Canadian players may feel as though they have been cheated. In most cases, online casinos haven’t cheated you at all – bad luck and a spinning roulette wheel have seen you lose fairly, but it certainly feels like something untoward has happened. Is it possible for you to turn the tide on the casinos, though? What if it was possible to cheat an online roulette game to guarantee a win?

Most Canadian players with even a modicum of experience in the online gambling world know that this is folly. Theoretically, it cannot be done. However, nothing is impossible, and that doesn’t mean to say that some exceptionally talented people haven’t tried to figure out a way to do it. In this article, Canada Online takes a closer look at what methods of cheating online roulette have been tried, and how successful they have been.

None of the Old Tricks Work

There have been plenty of old tricks used in the past to turn over the house edge and bolster your chances of success. Going back over two hundred years, people have tried all sorts of tricks. Sleight of hand tactics, such as past posting, where you sneakily place a bet after the winning number appears has fallen out of use. A casino spotter (akin to a pit boss) essentially rules that out. Biased wheels have been exploited, only for suspicious casinos to do their own inspections and put paid to that. Some have even tried choosing wheels which are made of substances which causes the ball to bounce, a process known as padding. There have even been some success stories.

None of these old-school tricks is going to work online, though. Roulette is by its very nature a game of chance, and online roulette is the very definition of that. So, what options do you have?

The Unquestionably Cheating Tactics

Sector targeting and wheel gaffing, top-hatting and using magnetic balls are other tricks of the trade which have been used to manipulate roulette games in the past. None of these will have any chance of succeeding on a digital roulette wheel. The main reason for that is that online roulette games are either live dealer or RNG games. The former do feature real roulette wheels, but as they are streamed from far-off locations, you can never get up close enough to do any of the aforementioned tricks. As for RNG games, these use random number generators (RNGs), which effectively means that every single spin is as random as possible, as algorithms and software are used to ensure that. Good luck cracking that.

Does this really mean that it is impossible to cheat an online roulette game? Oddly enough, not entirely…

Roulette Bots

One of the more recent inventions is a roulette bot. Like other types of bots, it tries to take over and mimic a real human. The way that it does this is clever, albeit not ingenious. A roulette bot will tell you which bets to place. Known as smart bets, these are often stakes on the racetrack, and they will usually consist of multiple bets covering vast sections of the wheel. Known as cover bets, these certainly do not constitute cheating. However, some roulette bots play the game for you, and bots unquestionably do count as cheating.

Bots are becoming more common online, so much so that casinos have no developed software to catch players who use them. If you’re caught using a bot, it’s game over for you. Bots are not really necessary if you understand roulette strategy, as cover bets are legal as mentioned. Moreover, even these types of bets are not guaranteed to help you win, because as mentioned, roulette is purely a game of chance.

The Pocket Predictor

Did you ever see the twenty-second of the fourth season of CSI? It featured a team of physics graduates who successfully found a way to create a program to determine which pocket a ball would land in. In the episode, they were all violently murdered. This episode is actually based on a true story.

A group of physics graduates really did create a program which could do that to a reasonable degree of success, and they did win (a fair bit, actually). In reality, they weren’t murdered, but their pocket predictor program did indeed disappear, and rather rapidly. While that program may not be available for you to snap up, it does at least show that cheating electronic roulette games, at least in some form, is very much possible.

You’ll Have to Beat Independent Testers, RNGs and Auditors, Too

The truth of the matter is that roulette and other games of chance would be tough to predict even with cheats. Aside from the “luck” aspect to the game, online roulette games also feature certification from game auditors and companies. They check the games to ensure that they are fair and working correctly.

Moreover, random number generator software is nigh-on uncrackable, saved for the world’s most skilled programmers. Throw that all together, alongside the fact that this is a game of chance, and, well…your odds of an average Joe cheating online roulette aren’t great, and we’re being polite there.

Can I Cheat at Online Roulette?

Live blackjack, baccarat and poker give you a window to count cards, and while not technically cheating, that is an option you have open to you. None of that is going to help you with live dealer roulette. As for random number generator (RNG) roulette games? You would need to be a computer wizard, an expert programmer with insight into RNGs and much more to stand a chance. Ultimately, a roulette bot can help you cover the wheel, and there are strategies out there which Canada Online Casinos can recommend, to help you stand a better chance of winning. But no; there is no way of definitive cheating an online roulette game – at least yet.

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