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Is it possible to bag a big win playing online roulette by using strategies such as the Martingale System? You may have heard all sorts of fanciful tales about card counting in games of blackjack and skilled opponents using tips and tricks to win at poker. Using strategies in roulette is a lot trickier. Roulette is simply put, a game of chance, pure and simple. Can it be done? It is time for Canada Online to investigate and tell you everything you need to know about roulette strategies.

Using Roulette Strategies to Play

It sounds ideal, right? Learn a roulette strategy, study it, memorise it, and then use it to win big money playing the game at online casinos. After all, since you are playing online, nobody will ever know that you are effectively using a strategy to better your chances of success. The big question is – do roulette strategies work? As roulette is unquestionably a game of chance, it does not often adhere to any sort of pattern, and there are few ways that you can exploit the game. Nonetheless, there are some things about roulette strategies which are worth noting.

Winning with Roulette Strategies

Is there a roulette strategy out there which is guaranteed to help you land a win? No – of course not. There is no such thing as a winning roulette strategy or even a strategy which gives you a better chance of winning. So, now that we have burst that bubble, you might wonder, what is the point of roulette strategies?

Roulette strategies are not designed to help you win. If they were such a strategy, casinos would have long since cracked it and changed their games to shut that door. Instead, roulette strategies are designed to help you stay in the game, to try and break even. They are, in effect, betting strategies – ways of managing your balance to avoid busting your bank – that is all.

Even roulette strategies that help you try and break even have their flaws, though. In most cases, they require you to outlast losing streaks, either by increasing or decreasing your bets based on a turn of chance and the result of spins. For instance, if you must double your bet each time you lose, and you go on a lengthy losing streak, you could rapidly run out of funds. Moreover, roulette betting strategies are designed for even money bets, not flight of fancy stakes or overly complex wagers on multiple numbers.

Do not be disheartened, though. There are still plenty of good reasons to examine roulette strategies and put them to good use.

Roulette Strategies 101

What kinds of strategies are there that you can use? At Canada Online Casinos, we will look at each of the top five roulette betting strategies in turn. We will briefly explain how they work, and what the benefits (and pitfalls) of them are. The five most popular roulette betting strategies include:

The Optimal Games for Roulette Strategies

Once you have learned a strategy or two, and feel comfortable using it, what are the ideal games to play? Some roulette games are better suited to using strategies than others. Let us take a brief look at the types of roulette games which work well and do not work at all with roulette betting strategies. Grab a pen and pencil – you are going to want to take notes…

  • Play RNG Roulette Games: If possible, you should always aim to play RNG (random number generator) roulette games. That means to say roulette games which do not feature a live dealer. The reason why is simple. RNG games are played at your own pace, they do not feature a dealer who can catch you using strategies, and the surplus of variants out there gives you the freedom to play a roulette game which is nicely suited for your strategy.
  • Avoid American Roulette: American roulette has a double-zero. This means that it has double the house edge of European roulette. If you want to ensure that you (and your strategy) have the best chance of success, you should cut the house edge down right at the start by avoiding American roulette.
  • Mixed Results with Live Dealer Roulette: Live dealer roulette games can often be fast paced. You will have a limited time window in which to bet, and that can be stressful for players using strategies, especially if they are still learning.
  • Land-Based Games: Unless you are a skilled strategist, we would avoid using simple betting strategies in land-based roulette games in Canada. The dealers will be well-versed in them and know how to spot them. There is technically nothing wrong with using these strategies, but casinos do not like it, and if you don’t want dirty stares or snide comments, it is best to avoid playing with them in Canada’s brick-and-mortar casinos.

Other Top Roulette Tips and Tricks

Betting strategies alone can help you manage your balance, but when used alongside a few commonplace roulette tips and tricks, they can marginally improve your odds of success. Here are a few of those tips and tricks you might want to try and remember.

  • Covering the Wheel: When playing with racetrack bets, there are certain types of bets which allow you to cover large portions of the wheel. These are worth exploring, as while costly, they can increase your odds of success. Just bear in mind that even-money bets work best with betting strategies.
  • Play for Free First: Always play for free first. By playing free internet roulette games, you can practice your roulette strategy before you decide to put it into action with real money stakes.
  • Explore Roulette Variants: There are many different roulette variants out there for you to explore. Some have slightly lower house edges than others, on account of different rules. Check some of them out before you bet, as you may find something which works better with your betting strategy,
  • Stay Away from American Roulette: As mentioned, American roulette has twice the house edge as European roulette. French roulette has half the house edge of European roulette. Stay away from American roulette at all costs.
  • Stick to Even Money Bets: When using strategies for the very first time, you are advised to stick to even money bets. These are the most likely to occur, which for a betting strategy is essential. Only skilled professional roulette players should consider using roulette strategies with other types of bets.
  • Hot and Cold Means Nothing: This should go without saying but, hot and cold numbers mean nothing in roulette. Roulette is a game of chance. You can effectively ignore hot and cold numbers as they play no part in what is going to happen on the next few spins.

Learn More About Roulette Strategies Right Here

Now that you know a bit about what you are dealing with, perhaps it is time for you to try out a few different roulette strategies? At Canada Online, you can find short guides to five of the absolute best roulette strategies around. Each of these is well worth a look if you are thinking of playing this famous casino game. Click on one of our top five roulette strategies to learn more about it today.


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