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The Martingale System is considered by many Canadians to be the most famous of all the betting strategies you could use to bet on roulette. As with all roulette strategies, it does not guarantee a win. Instead, the system is more beneficial for trying to avoid heavy losses. If you are considering using a roulette strategy for the first time, the Martingale System is ideal as it is arguably the easiest one to learn, as Canada Online explains.

Introducing the Martingale System

The Martingale System is a betting strategy which aims to prevent you from losing too much. In effect, it relies on you keeping the same stake every time you win and doubling your stake when you lose. The idea is that if you lose several games in a row, by the time you next win, you will win enough to cover all the losses you have sustained, plus get a little extra.

The Martingale System is most effective on even money bets (reds, blacks, odds, and evens). You stand the best chance of winning with those bets, but you can only even win even money (1:1). The Martingale System is, therefore, never going to see you win huge sums of money. Moreover, it is only useful in the short term. Throughout periods of sustained losses, you can rather rapidly end up running out of money as you double your bet each time.

The Martingale System in Action

How does the Martingale System work? It is time to see it in action:

  • You bet $1 on red at the roulette table. If you win, you will keep the same $1 bet for your next round and will continue to keep the same stake until you lose.
  • However, if you lose your first bet, you will then double the stake. So, in your first game, you bet $1 and lost. For your second bet, you will wager $2.
  • If your second bet results in a win, you revert to your original $1 bet for your third stake. However, should you lose your second bet, then on your third bet you will double your $2 stake to $4, and so on until you win.
  • In short, any wins should see you revert to your original starting stake, while any loss should see you double your previous losing bet.

Why You Should and Should Not Use It

The Martingale System is risky, but it is simple to learn, which is why it is popular with roulette amateurs. Make no mistake about it, though – roulette pros do not like it. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the Martingale when playing roulette.

Reasons to Use the Martingale System

  • Effective in the short-term
  • Easy to use, especially for beginners
  • The betting strategy can also be used on other even-money casino games

Reasons to Avoid the Martingale System

  • The longer a losing streak continues, the greater the risk to the player
  • You can run out of money relatively quickly when doubling bets
  • You will only ever pocket small wins, as the strategy is most effective on even money bets

Should I Use This Roulette Strategy to Play Online?

The Martingale System makes for the perfect introduction to basic roulette betting strategies. However, you need to avoid brutal losing streaks which can end your game quickly. Moreover, you cannot win very much with this strategy. It is ideal for getting started with, but you should progress to more advanced strategies as soon as you are comfortable enough to do so.

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