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Canadian roulette players will no doubt have heard of the Martingale System. The negative progression betting strategy has become a popular if controversial addition to many Canadian bettors’ arsenals when playing roulette online. However, the Martingale is still fraught with risk, especially if you must endure lengthy losing streaks. This is where the Reverse Martingale comes in. A positive progression strategy, the Reverse Martingale, could be ideal for you. To find out if it is, needs to see how it works.

Introducing the Reverse Martingale

Essentially, the Reverse Martingale is a direct copy of the famed Martingale System, albeit in reverse. What this ultimately means is that instead of doubling your stake following a loss on the roulette wheel, you will increase your bet when you win. The idea behind the Reverse Martingale is to take away the unattractiveness and potentially damaged situation you can find yourself in during periods of sustained heavy losses.

To many Canadian players, this makes for a more balanced roulette strategy, as you are only upping the ante when you win. While this limits the potential for big wins, it ensures that you are not putting your pot at risk through losing. Let us take a closer look at how it works.

The Reverse Martingale in Action

First and foremost, you need to set your bankroll. Ordinarily, we would advocate starting with low-value bets and working your way up. Remember, most roulette betting strategies are optimised for even-money bets, so start with those.

To begin with, bet $1 on an even money bet. Now, if you win. You stake the entire amount you have just won (including your bet) once more. Should you lose, you start wagering with your base bet ($1) once more.

The key thing is to set a “target” before you play. If you are fortunate enough to reach this “target”, then stop playing. Eventually, you will lose and must start over from the beginning. If you manage to build up a nice balance early in the game, then cash it out immediately.

There are various side-rules to the Reverse Martingale that some people like to use. They might choose to wager only half of their winnings, while some Canadians opt to keep the original bets and solely wager the winnings. Ultimately it is up to you how you go about it, but wagering the entire winnings is statistically the better option if you wish to reach your target.

Why You Should and Should Not Use It

The Reverse Martingale can be both appealing and unappealing depending on how you wish to play. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Reasons to Use the Reverse Martingale

  • The strategy is designed for long-term gameplay
  • It avoids the perils faced with long losing streaks
  • The Reverse Martingale can be customised
  • It is safer than the Martingale System

Reasons to Avoid the Reverse Martingale

  • You must remember to cash out when you reach your “target”
  • It can take a long time to reach your target

Should I Use This Roulette Strategy to Play Online?

The Reverse Martingale is not always favoured by Canadian roulette players, as it often requires you to wager most of what you have won in a bid to get you close to your target figure. However, the removal of the risk associated with lengthy losing streaks does make it appealing for any true gambler who does not mind putting what they have won at stake, while simultaneously keeping their own cash in reserve.


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