Of all the types of casino games that you can play online, slot machines are arguably going to be the least likely games you can cheat on, right? They are solely digital, no recognised methods such as card counting can be applied, and even most betting strategies will fall flat on their faces when measured up against online slots. You might be wondering then, if that all is true, what is the point of Canada Online Casinos.com writing this article? Well, we can say that all of the above is true – most of the time, and it is the last part that makes CanadaOnlineCasinos.com want to take a closer look.

Land-Based Tricks Are Ineffective

Firstly, let’s get the obvious out of the way, shall we? Canadians are not going to be able to deploy any of the age-old tricks that they may have used back in the day to cheat a slot. Even in land-based casinos, the old yo-yo trick of tying a coin to a rope isn’t going to work.

Other golden nuggets such as counterfeit coins, using guitar strings and metal wires to tamper with payout switches, entering rumoured “slot cheat codes” and more are all useless and wholly ineffective against online slots. Now that we’ve burst that bubble; let us look at what “might” work.

Digital Cheating Has Occurred

There is documented evidence that it is indeed possible to use digital technology to cheat on slot games. In 2014, Murat Bilev was part of a Russian team of hackers who used an iPhone, equipped with a slot hacking app to crack the PRNGs in certain Aristocrat developed slots. By holding his iPhone to the machine, the app could figure out exactly “when” to hit the spin button. In all, it is thought that his team managed to win millions of dollars from casinos up and down the USA. He got caught (naturally) and was sentenced to two years in prison and deportation back to Russia. However, the important lesson here is that; at least when talking about brick-and-mortar slots, digital technology has been shown to work.

The results are promising. However, as impressive as this ground-breaking revelation is, though, it doesn’t answer the question of whether or not you can cheat solely playing an online slot.

The Key is RNGs

As we can see from the Murat Bilev case, it is entirely possible to cheat a slot, provided you can crack the RNG (random number generator) technology behind it. In theory, this should also apply to online slots. However, holding a phone next to your laptop is not going to get the job done. What you need for cracking online slots is a piece of software.

Such software has reportedly been produced. In effect, it is a similar set of software to those algorithms which govern the games themselves. These will scan the progress of the RNGs, and inform the player when it is time to strike. There is money to be made here, but it is unlikely to be you doing it. On the contrary, most of these programs have been proven to be wholly ineffective. The only money being won is by the developers when they take you to the cleaners.

But the Idea Is Right

While the software you can currently find on the internet is, for the most part, nothing more than a scam, the idea behind cracking RNGs is still sound. Any company which has developed such software is unlikely to share it. The world’s leading programmers could, in theory, produce such technology. Moreover, the creators of the games could leave back doors into the slots which could be exploited. The basic idea behind using RNG-cracking software to cheat online slots is sound, even if the practical application of that software is still found to be wanting right now.

Casinos Are Prepared

Even if you were to develop a cutting-edge piece of software which did all you desire, would it really work? Most online casinos (and software providers) have their games regularly checked by auditors and regulators. This is mainly done to ensure that casinos and operators give you, the player, a fair chance of winning. However, it wouldn’t surprise anybody if those systems were tested to ensure that they are nigh-on uncrackable at the same time. Again, even if you did get your hands on RNG-cracking software, it is unlikely that you’d be able to get very far with it before somebody figured it out, and implemented a new algorithm to stop it being used. Indeed, some casinos are already doing this with bots which exploit RNG table games.

What Can I Do to Win at Online Slots?

We hope we haven’t deflated your bubble too much. If so, don’t fret, because Canada Online Casinos.com does have some good news for you. Your mind is never going to be able to crack RNG codes just like that. However, there are many things you can do that can imitate what a good piece of cheating software would essentially do.

For instance, the more slots you play online, the more you will notice patterns. Developing a betting strategy which protects your finances and ensures that you don’t end up broke is the first part of this. Oddly enough, you have the tools to practice any strategies and look for patterns right in front of you, for free, and legally to boot. All top slots can be played for free at Canada’s best online casinos. Before wagering on those games, play them relentlessly for free. You may be able to identify patterns in how the game is played. Moreover, by studying RTP rates and volatility, you can understand how an individual slot pays out and how it works.

It is true that these will never substitute for a proper piece of cheating software, but if you want to get close to regularly winning on slots at Canadian online casinos, practising and studying games is the best advice Canada Online Casinos.com has to offer.

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