The first thing you should know about all online slot machines is that there are hundreds of them, thousands even. You can always afford to be picky. Many of Canada’s best online casinos have no shortage of games from many different developers. There are countless top slots out there which will be an ideal fit for you, so you should never have to settle for a so-so slot game. What, then, should you look for?

The Theme Can Be Important

This might not sound important to some Canadians, but choosing a slot based on a theme can work wonders. In some cases, a slot’s theme can play a part in whether or not you deem a game to be fun. If you are bored or cannot associate with the theme of a game, you are far more likely to get frustrated during losing spells. You are more likely to be content during those spells if you happen to like the game you are playing.

Don’t be shy about jettisoning a slot if you like its theme, but not its design or game mechanics. Most themes are replicated in many games. Each software provider has an Irish luck or an ancient Egyptian-themed slot that you can play, so you are spoilt for choice. There are always alternative games from our other providers with similar themes. We’ll repeat it – you are spoilt for choice so you can afford to be picky.

Paylines and Wagers

You should only ever wager what you can afford to lose. Even for players with sizable balances, it simply makes no sense ploughing through hundreds of dollars if you don’t have to. When looking for the best internet slots to play, try and find one which offers you more paylines.

Slots which have a wagering range of $0.01 per line over 30 lines will cost $0.30 per spin. However, you can find 243 ways to win slots cost the same, or even $0.25.

Sure, the value of the prizes tend to be lower in games which feature a surplus of paylines, but you are getting a substantially better chance of success at less cost. In short, there is arguably more bounce for your buck in these types of slots.

Keep Tabs on the Number of Symbols

As mentioned on the main slot strategy page, you should keep tabs on the number of symbols which appear in a slot. The more symbols there are in a game, the less likely you are to form winning combinations on the paylines. This is also true of special symbols. The best slots to play are those which only contain a handful of symbols, so this is something to look out for when choosing a game. You can find out how many symbols a slot has by checking its paytable before you wager real money on it.

Special Features Are a Must

Playing a slot machine with an array of special features is easy to remember. Wild symbols can create winning combinations out of nothing by acting as substitutes.

Scatter symbols can trigger bonuses such as free spins and re-spins, which allow you to play for free, as well as providing you with an instant cash prize, as they count no matter where they land. On top of that, randomly triggered bonuses are very ideal, as they do not require symbols to activate them. This goes back to what we said about the number of symbols appearing in a game.

Progressive jackpots are ideal, but again you want them to be randomly triggered, or won via the best-paying standard icons, not via scatter-triggered bonus rounds or jackpot icons, as these add extra symbols to the reels, not to mention an extra step between you and winning.

Ultimately, the best slots you can play with offer a good combination of all the above features, but only the most favourable ones. Again, you can find out what goodies a slot has to offer ahead of time by visiting the game’s paytable.

Volatile, Variance and RTP

When looking for winning slots, you are recommended to check out the volatility or variance level a game has, as well as its RTP rate. These will tell you how frequently a game pays out, as well as the value of the prizes you can expect to win. Low variance games offer small wins frequently, while highly volatile games offer big prizes but far less frequently. All the best slots will feature an RTP percentage which is set to 95% or higher.

Always Play Slots for Free First

The final step to picking a winning slot is to put all of the above to the test. Every slot machine can be played for free. In most cases, this will be at the very Canadian online casino you are registered at. Failing that, you can play free slot demos at the game developer’s website. Put everything you have learned about the ideal slot in practice and give it a test drive for free before you wager real money on it.


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