Monday afternoon was yet another lucky day for Gruden who scored for the second consecutive time in the Open Trot at Saratoga Casino Hotel.

Gruden didn’t encounter much threat, in just 1 hour 57 minutes and 3 seconds, he had already won. He remained the favorite at the odds of 4 to 5. Billy Dobson was also very aggressive in this week’s $12,000 feature and wasted no time but tried to move Gruden to the front.

Brian Cross, who finished third in last week’s Open was tougher on Monday’s open and managed to finish second while the local legend Phil Fluet settled at the third position.

Gruden has exhibited a certain degree of consistency at the spa early in the campaign. He has now propelled himself toward the top in the group of local trotters after he scores in the second consecutive Open.

Dobson, for the second straight, piloted Krist trainees Lazzaro and Gruden. The two trotters are owned by Rick Dobson of Howell Michigan. Gruden’s win was a complete hat trick for Billy Dobson who directed the three straight winners on the card.

Gruden put a bulk of public money wagering this week although Cash Me Out is back in town to compete. Live racing will continue on Tuesday afternoon.