In the online gaming world, Evolution Gaming Limited is renowned for its live casino gaming offerings that attract thousands of players and make them feel as if they are in a brick-and-mortar casino. To achieve its current position, the global supplier of online live casino games has worked extensively.

Today, over the last nearly 20 years, we will study Evolution Gaming and closely follow the path of its growth, which will help us to get to know it better and understand its current success in the global gaming scene. Canadians are amongst the lucky fans of online gaming who have the ability to explore their live casino gambling items safely and benefit from them.

Evolution Gaming has solidified its leading role with the aid of live casino products since it was founded back in 2007, improving many online casinos around the world. This is particularly true when it comes to the online gaming field in Europe and some of its big players for years—Royal Panda, LeoVegas, BetVictor, ComeOn! Genting Casino.

Evolution Gaming was a leader in the niche of live dealers back in 2007, as neither video streaming nor internet speed were ideal for the operation back then. The gaming leader, however, made a point to establish and gradually improve this field with time. The ultimate goal was for players to be fully absorbed in the action of gaming and feel as if they were in a land-based casino, despite being in the comfort of their home.

Work on this initial step lasted for a few years, prior to their day-to-day operation’s 2009 milestone moment. This is when Evolution Gaming agreed that it is time for in-person studios to develop and further improve operations in Latvia. Online casino hotspots like Unibet and 888 have also entered into a partnership with the budding pioneer of the live casino, positioning it well for success.

The year 2012 saw the obtaining of one of the most important licenses in the online gaming field, the one Malta Gaming Authority issues, due to its significant success and growing popularity. It is no secret that Malta is considered to be Europe’s online gaming capital. Soon after that, Evolution Gaming also got a nod from one of the gaming hotspots in the United States, New Jersey.

What should be remembered is that the gaming leader welcomes you to a total of ten live studios featuring live dealers. In New Westminster, Vancouver, British Columbia, one of those is located and it was the first outside Europe. It started operations at the beginning of 2018 after an agreement with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation was signed. A second agreement inked with Loto-Québec was seen the following year, also benefiting from the live streams of gaming content.

This interactive gaming offering attracts Canadians because it improves the local gaming market, offering something different than the five Crown corporations overseeing provincial gaming. When it comes to the studio in New Westminster, it spans over 15,000 square feet. Evolution Gaming has upward of 100 tables on a global scale with live dealers ready to make you richer and part of a community.

The five provincial lottery corporations are offering their fair share of different online gaming products aimed at making their portfolios as competitive as possible in the online market. Some of them still struggle, however, to live up to the expectations of players when it comes to live casino gaming. This is why many Canadian players turn to offshore casinos to make their online offerings open to them. For Canadians seeking a new thrill, Evolution Gaming is one of those popular gaming destinations.

In order to maintain their audience and keep their money within the boundaries of Canada, crown corporations such as Atlantic Lottery Company and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation plan to modernize their mobile platforms and make them even more appealing. Offshore gaming powers like Evolution Gaming are expanding their live gaming studios in the meantime and adding more and more live dealers available to Canadians as well.

Evolution Gaming offers popular table games to the likes of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker as its main gaming offerings aiming to attract the largest crowd of players. In some regions where Evolution Gaming is popular, the traditional Sic Bo could also be found among the diverse gaming products. Regardless of what you choose to gamble at, all live casino games come with a premium feel to them and a top atmosphere.

Canadians are in for a treat to explore the live tables with friendly dealers ready to give them the most proficient gaming experience, as we will review all for grabs today. Evolution Gaming has used cutting-edge technology for interaction between the patrons and the live dealers at the studio in order to make the gaming experience as realistic as possible.

This makes communication quick and hassle-free between the parties.

Players are able to communicate with the gaming tables with the aid of the user interface transforming the table itself into a touch screen one. The interface is built in a way that allows both mobile devices and your laptop or desktop computer capable of guiding the gaming action forward. The live dealer responds to your options in real-time, as they also receive the details.
When it comes to this gaming offering, individuals interested in blackjack gaming will be happy to learn that Evolution Gaming is the leader. The available Infinite Blackjack variation comes with tons of special features, increasing the gaming action further and making it more personal. In this case, it makes it possible for as many players as possible to put wagers simultaneously and only the sky is the limit-as you might have guessed, Evolution Gaming benefits from that.

Players are also in for a treat, however, as they can benefit from the 6-card-Charlie rule applied in this variant of blackjack. According to it, they immediately become a winner if a six-card hand appears on the screen and the player has not busted. This rule is deemed more beneficial to the patron than to the online casino that offers it. Evolution Gaming considers its blackjack offerings to be the primary selling point.

In this high-roller zone, the lowest they can wager is $1,500, but players can bet up to $50,000, as this is the upper limit. Players will also explore the Blackjack Party offers up for grabs when it comes to the live blackjack offers, boosting the social side of online gaming. It comes with background music, friendly interaction with the dealers, along with low limits for placed wagers.

For the fans of classic casino gaming reimagined, Evolution Gaming is here to introduce the most premium-feel live roulette available online. Players interested in diversity can choose between European single zero and American double zero roulettes, in order to spice things up while gambling on red and black. Aiming to make the experience as realistic as possible, there are multiple camera angles available within the Evolution Gaming platform.

In doing so, for the convenience of the player, the slow-motion replay at the end is much more satisfying and accurate.

Speed roulette is here, with the precious white ball dropping once every 25 seconds for a new cycle, to make your gaming session fast and easy. Individuals may also benefit from having their favorite wagers saved and automatically place them whenever they feel like it. Evolution Gaming also adds to the gaming table two balls, introducing double the opportunities for betting.

Another special experience for Canadians is Slingshot auto roulette, as it does not feature a live dealer. It is a completely automated form of roulette that can initiate up to 80 spins in 60 minutes. The lowest betting limits that come with it can also benefit players, making slingshot auto roulette a common gaming offering on the platform of Evolution Gaming.

In forgotten times, the game of Baccarat transports you, as it is one of the oldest casino card games available today.

Evolution Gaming knows how popular it is, so the setting is warm and welcoming, with a large baccarat table and a friendly dealer leading the game, which is why it has worked on its live dealer offer. Players could see the other dealers conducting their respective baccarat online games in the background.

There are several camera angles providing players with an even better view than their real-life one. In order to communicate more with the dealers, a live chat is available. With Live Baccarat Squeeze, Evolution Gaming is also enhancing the online space. After every action on the gaming table, it comes with upwards of 15 close-up cameras. As many as eight decks are used and players can place wagers on the player, the banker, or on a tie. Betting on the player comes with a 1:1 payout, whereas wagering on the banker pays out at 1:0.95.

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze gives you the various functionalities of Evolution Gaming. Players have the option of revealing their card, which is part of the four cards dealt face-down on the baccarat table. This option is only available for a limited period of time and players can see on their screens the time window displayed. If you tap the corner of a card, it will show the details you need. This variant of Control Squeeze also comes with the same odds as the standard game of Live Baccarat.

For individuals who prefer a more dynamic action, Evolution Gaming also provides Speed Baccarat. Each round portion of this game is approximately 27 seconds, making the overall game an optimized one that can be played whenever and wherever the player feels like. It should be noted that the standard game of Baccarat features rounds that last 48 seconds. It comes with special features such as side bests, player bonuses, banker bonuses, pairs, and perfect pairs.

With the premium live offering it has in store, Evolution Gaming aims to fulfill its players’ standards. As this game is often commonly referred to, the next one we are about to review today is the Live Sic Bo one Tai sai, which originates from ancient China and involves the use of three dices. The original game often includes the use of a small chest, freely rolling the three dice. This chest is shaken by the dealer just before showing the final three numbers rolled.

Super Sic Bo is a premium offering some online casinos working with Evolution Gaming have in store for Canadian players.

With this online gambling offering, the payout is 150:1. This makes it among the preferred online gaming offers.

Individuals will benefit from different random multipliers that occur before the dice roll starts in order to further increase the gaming action.

Canadians can explore poker variations to the likes of Casino Hold’em, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, Side Bet City, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.Players will benefit from the Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet with the Casino Hold’em poker variant, Progressive Jackpot associated with the Caribbean Stud Poker, and a First Five Jackpot Side Bet with the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker variation for the additional bets and progressive jackpots.

A jackpot version of the beloved Texas Hold’em Poker game is improved by Casino Hold’em. Players play in it against the live dealer who wants to best their hand. They have to do this by getting a good hand of five cards. In addition to the main action, if players manage to get a pair of Aces from the first five cards, there is also a bonus bet available. There is also the Progressive Jumbo 7 Jackpot on a 7 Card Straight Flush that can be bagged.

Next up is the live poker variant of 2 Hand Casino Hold’em. Individuals who are interested in this poker offering have the ability to win against the live dealer on two individual hands. In addition, they also have the bonus bet that improves their gaming activity and the probability of bagging a hefty payout.

Side Bet City is the third poker offering we are going to explore today, coming from Evolution Gaming. It is a true trip down memory lane, with its neon backdrop and properly styled and dressed live dealers transporting players back to the 1980s. Players will feel as if they are playing against the paytable in a real Vegas casino. For a 3 card hand, a 5 card hand, or a 7 card hand, Canadians can put a bet on a win. Owing to its simpler gaming action, they also prefer it.

Thanks to Evolution Gaming’s collaboration with Science Games, Ultimate Texas Hold’em comes close to Canadian players.

Canadians have the chance to experience this offer of poker and feel just like Texas Hold’em poker in a brick-and-mortar premium casino. Players play for a real-life atmosphere against the dealer, but there is also the added thrill of a bonus bet from Trips. Regardless of the dealer’s hand at the moment, it might pay out on different occasions.

Another premium offering that Evolution Gaming brings closer to players around the world, including Canadians, is Live Three Card Poker. Once again, it comes with the professional aid of Scientific Games to make poker open to both experienced players and people making their first steps in the world of gaming. Evolution Gaming’s Live Three Card Poker requires just three cards and players compete with the dealer looking forward to Queen High. The lucrative Pair Plus and Six Card Bonus bets come with this gaming offering.

The last live poker offering we will review today will be Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, as Evolution Gaming has this one in store too. Once again, it comes from its collaboration with Games Marketing and players with a twist will benefit from classic Texas Hold’em Poker. What makes it so special is that, once the River Card is on the table, players will play against the house and there is no bet. The Bonus bet and the First Five Progressive Jackpot side bet can also be explored by Canadians – both optional.

Evolution Gaming also brings to the table special game shows with tons of premium payouts capable of changing people’s lives in a moment, along with conventional casino games that make players feel as though they are in a land-based premium gambling venue. Among Canadian online gaming fans, Dream Catcher is one of the more famous shows. This game comes with a colorful wheel with sectors of different numbers.

The wheel spins on a game show host and decides who ends up winning big. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40 are the numbers shown on the wheel, and players have to put a wager on one of them. The payout relies on the specific number at which the wheel ends. If a player places a wager on 5, for example, and they end up winning, they can bag a payout of 5 to 1, meaning that their initial bet also determines the size of the final win.

Multiple cameras often allow players to be fully immersed in the action of gaming while closely watching it on their smartphone screen or laptop. Another wheel game Evolution Gaming has in store is Crazy Time, once again improving the chances of players winning big with its special multipliers and extra games. It comes with a Top Slot area and a total of four bonus games put above the spinning wheel.

There are Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time, each bringing the gaming action to an entirely new atmosphere.

Players must put their bet on one of the numbers on wheel 1, 2, 5, or 10, similar to Dream Catcher, and their payout depends on that. Even heftier rewards also come with the bonus games. Canadians are in for a treat with this provider of live casinos that aims to exceed their standards and keep them entertained and return for more.


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