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Get ready to call out “BINGO!” in the heart of Toronto. Dive into the lively ambiance and get a taste of the Canadian-style gaming night you’ve been yearning for.

The Delta Vibe: More Than Just Bingo

Step into Delta Bingo & Gaming and let the electric atmosphere sweep you off your feet! From classic Bingo games that tug at our Canadian heartstrings to a plethora of entertainment, there’s never a dull moment here.

Preparing for the Ultimate Gaming Night

What’s in Your Pocket, Buddy?

  • This spot’s a cash-only gig, so come prepared! But eh, if you’re in a bind, ATMs are right around the corner.
  • Make sure you’ve got your two pieces of I.D and that trusty dabber. First-timers, here’s a perk – a free dabber to kickstart your journey!

How Much for the Fun, Eh?

Starting at just $20, dive deep into the world of Bingo! The thrill grows with every additional card, and pricing varies based on when and where you’re playing. Check out their “pricing and programs” for the full lowdown. Fancy some Tap N Play action? Spins start from a mere 10 cents and can go up to $2.

Mastering the Art of BINGO: A Quick Guide

  1. Arrive about 30 minutes before kick-off.
  2. Paper or digital? Consult a staff member to pick your poison.
  3. Keep those ears perked! The caller will belt out those Bingo numbers, lighting up the screens.
  4. Match those numbers and chase the game pattern for the big win.
  5. Take a breather! There’s an intermission splitting the 2-hour session.

Pssst… New to the digital realm of Bingo? Worry not! Their fantastic team’s on standby to guide you.

Beyond Bingo: Unleash the Foodie in You!

While you’re kicking back in the Tap N Play lounge, don’t forget to treat your taste buds. Whether it’s sharing a brew with pops on his big day or upping the ante on girls’ night with some wine, Delta’s got you covered.

Party Canadian-Style: Celebrate With Delta!

Got a bash in mind? From team nights to life’s big moments, Delta’s your place. With an offering that caters to duos or big crews of 200, your memorable evening is just a call away!

A Big Heart: Delta’s Community Support

Proudly Canadian and community-driven, Delta Bingo & Gaming doesn’t just offer fun. They’ve given back, with a whopping 133 Million dollars dedicated to over 875 local charities. From nurturing young sports talent to boosting local hospitals and animal shelters, they ensure the love spreads throughout.

Ready for your epic Bingo night in true Canadian fashion? Head on over to for more info! 🍁🎉

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