According to news accounts, an OnlyFans model has sued Las Vegas businessman Stephen J. Cloobeck, claiming he sexually assaulted her and then bought her $70,000 worth of luxury shoes as a “peace offering”.

According to the New York Post report, Stefanie Gurzanski, 26, claims in a recent lawsuit that after she first met Cloobeck in July 2020 for lunch at his home, he grabbed her, pulled up her dress, and “put his head between her legs.”

According to the lawsuit, the next day, as a “peace offering,” he accompanied the Canadian model to a Christian Louboutin shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where he bought her $70,000 worth of shoes.

On the explicit OnlyFans subscription site, Gurzanski is known as Baby G to his over two million followers. She also appears in revealing photographs on her Instagram page.  The site features Baby G’s online name as well as the tagline “More Self Love.”  The page has 1.8 million followers.

Cloobeck, 59, is identified on his website as

“founder and former CEO and chairman of Diamond Resorts International.”

The website states that the business became the

“second-largest vacation-ownership company worldwide, with more than four hundred properties across thirty-three countries.”

Cloobeck has also supported famous Democrats, including Harry Reid, the former US Senate Majority Leader (D). Reid, 81, is a longtime Nevada public official who has served in state and federal elected office as well as head of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

According to, Cloobeck’s attorney said he never forced himself on Gurzanski or anyone else.

Patricia Glaser of Glaser Weil Fink Howard Avchen & Shapiro told the news site that

“he treated her as a queen. Her claims in the cross complaint are far-fetched even for the serial liar she has proven to be.”

Gurzanski’s lawsuit is “filled with fantastical lies, delusional accusations, and revisionist history,” the lawyer said, adding that this is “a brazen attempt to extort additional cash” from him.

‘Cunning Fraudster’

According to news reports, Cloobeck sued Gurzanski in the spring, claiming she is a “cunning fraudster” who used his private property as the setting for explicit photos to sell to her OnlyFans followers. Among the settings was Cloobeck’s luxury villa at a Las Vegas Strip casino.

A court document states that

“She posed in the bathroom of his jet, in his private suite at The Mansion at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, in his bedrooms, on a yacht he rented, and anywhere else where she could sneak a photo to peddle on the internet. On occasion, she secretly posed in the nude while Cloobeck’s teenage daughter and staff were in the house.”

Millions Pledged for Airport Name Change

Cloobeck pledged $1 million a few months ago to assist pay for the renaming of McCarran International Airport in Reid’s honor. The airport is located near the Tropicana and other major resorts just east of the Strip.

The Clark County Commission approved the name change earlier this year, vowing to use private donations for the process rather than taxpayer money.  The cost of signage and administrative changes is expected to be $7.2 million. The name change can begin when at least $4.2 million in private donations have come in. Cloobeck’s pledge and a separate $1 million pledge from Las Vegas gambler Billy Walters, who was convicted of insider trading in 2017, were reported to the commission this summer.