Any Number Can Play Movie (1949)

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🎥 Movie Essentials:

  • Director: Mervyn LeRoy
  • Writers: Richard Brooks (Adapted screenplay), Edward Harris Heth (Original novel)
  • Producer: Arthur Freed
  • Tunes & Beats: Lennie Hayton
  • Visual Magic: Cinematography by Harold Rosson
  • Editing Mastery: Ralph E. Winters
  • Premiere Date: July 15, 1949 (United States)
  • Duration: A crisp 112 minutes of drama!
  • Lingo: Good ol’ English
  • Film Flavour: Drama & War

🎬 The Star Power:

  • Clark Gable as Charley Enley Kyng: The Casino Boss
  • Alexis Smith as Lon Kyng: The Loyal Spouse
  • Wendell Corey as Robbin Elcott: The Troubled Brother-in-law … (And many more talented cast members bringing this tale to life!)

💡 Quick Dive into the Plot:

In the glamorous yet gritty world of high-stakes gambling, Charley Kyng is an undisputed king. But what happens when a heart condition threatens his crown and a gangster-debt entangles his family? Dive into a world where the roll of the dice can mend bonds or shatter them forever. As stakes rise and loyalties are tested, Charley faces the ultimate gamble: his family’s love versus his empire.

📜 Review Corner:

“Any Number Can Play” takes us back to 1949, and as a casino aficionado, there’s something magical about the way gambling is portrayed in this era. A classic, no doubt, but one that has its charm rooted in the rich narrative and impeccable performance.

Clark Gable’s Charley is the epitome of casino elegance – a mix of grit and grace. Alexis Smith, as his wife, paints a picture of resilience and dedication. Their chemistry? It’s as electric as a neon casino sign!

And let’s not forget the visual appeal. Even in black and white, every frame feels vibrant, kudos to Harold Rosson. The ambiance, the retro feel of the casinos, the tension on the craps table – it’s all there!

At its core, this isn’t just about gambling. It’s a tale of values, choices, and sacrifices. Our hat tips to the director for seamlessly weaving these themes into a casino backdrop.

♠️ Rating & Wrap Up:

For lovers of old-school dramas and casino thrills, this one’s a royal flush. But even if you’re not a card game enthusiast, the narrative will pull you in. From us, this classic gets a well-deserved 6.8/10. Take a trip back to 1949, and let’s roll the dice together!

P.S. Fancy a game of blackjack or a round at the roulette after the movie? Always remember to gamble responsibly! 😉🎲🍁

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