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On film, Daniel Craig has proven capable of donning the robe of a long-standing tradition handed down from one formidable character to the next. He has a certain coolness and a determination about him coupled with a destructive demeanor and a forehead that can kill. He makes an excellent, not ACE, Bond, and anyone who says otherwise, including the folks down at the blogosphere, can go hand. I mean, the block has casting presence.

For once, let’s agree that he acts effortlessly, brings a sense of seriousness to a scene that has nothing to do with urgency – there a playfulness, an absurdity that does not seem to go up. It’s straightforward to argue that he makes the best Bond since the time of Sean Connery, and maybe even the last guy. Moving on, Casino Royale (2006) is about a young, untested Bond, who has been thrown into an imaginary post 9-11.

After blood even in the men’s room, Bond is awarded his official title – 007 – and a wet job to go with it – basically, go finish off some traitor in the higher reaches of the MI6. Now that he has the title, his next task to handle a supervillain – Le Chiffre, chief accountant to very dangerous terrorist organizations around the world, but funny enough, there is no mention of the likes of Al-Qaida and other outfits from the middle east.

M, station boss, even hints that the manipulation of stocks was a motivating factor for 9-11, something Fleming would have a lot to say about in his grave. The idea here is that Bond will find the chief accountant and retire him after he cleans his bank account.
Miss Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) is the treasury’s representative and Bond’s plus one during his visit to the casino. You can’t help but notice how she spits out English words with a French residual, making her sound weird.

Anyway, the film is not about bond basics. It’s still the same – concealed advertising and branding. Dame Judi Dench plays m. Nothing has changed about her demeanor – she is even disapproving of an Icy, with a ting of caring. And while our favorite Bond wins an Aston Martin out of a card game, the film lacks most of the gadgetry we have come to expect. But, Bond falls in love! For the second time, after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which had a different bond, played by George Lazenby.

It’s nice that this Bond strives to connect with someone human and not the usual gadgetry he loves to brandish. This romance can only be described as sparring between two sharp minds. However, we don’t get to see much of the chemistry that terminated in Green’s surrender, whatever that means.

If you have not watched this film, do not expect it to be a one-hit-one-wonder kind of movie. Many out there think it is a kind of reboot, which means that the director and company were very aware that they had flopped at some point along the way. But, Craig’s return ironed things out.

In franchise movie-making, it makes a lot more sense. It is ultimately safer to throw in a laser than a whole bunch of dialogue. That said, Cason Royal (2006) is worth watching, and there’s plenty to enjoy.

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