Set in the world of card sharks and bluff masters, “Deal (I)” plunges us into the life of Tommy Vinson – a character brought to life by Burt Reynolds. He’s a gambler that hung up his cards for over 30 years. Why, you ask? A pivotal family emergency made him promise never to dive back into the world of Texas Hold’em. But as with any passion, it finds a way back into your life.

Enter Alex Stillman: From Ivy League to Poker Tables

Picture this: a sharp, somewhat overconfident Yale senior, clearly a genius in the making. That’s Alex Stillman for you. Sure, he might remind you of your nephew who’s obsessed with everything but what his parents want. Here’s a guy who’s got all the tools for law school, but dreams of the green poker table instead. And who can blame him? The thrill, the fame, the poker legends on TV – it’s enough to lure anyone in.

A Deal’s Struck Between Mentor and Protégé

Tommy spots Alex on TV, recognizing a younger version of himself. And as with any master seeing potential in a newbie, he approaches Alex. The deal? Tommy fronts the cash, and Alex follows Tommy’s seasoned strategies. Seems simple, right? But as every poker enthusiast knows, it’s never just about the cards; it’s about playing the player.

Love, Loyalty, and Letdowns

Things take a turn when love enters the game. Throw in a planned meet-cute by Tommy that makes Alex’s heart flutter and, well, the pot’s contents spill over.

The Misplays: What Could’ve Been Better?

Sadly, for all its potential, the movie doesn’t always deliver. Ever had a hand where you think you’ve got it all, but the River card messes it all up? That’s “Deal (I)” for you. Dialogues feel repetitive, scenes lack depth, and continuity’s thrown to the wind.

And for poker aficionados hoping to see the heart and soul of WTP and some pro poker action, adjust those expectations. It’s like expecting a Royal Flush and getting just a Pair.

Verdict: Play or Pass?

If you’re a die-hard poker fan or have a soft spot for Burt Reynolds, it might be worth a watch on a lazy Sunday. But if you’re looking for an intense poker drama with all the right moves, you might want to check your hand.

From us here in the Great White North, we give “Deal (I)” a 5 out of 10 chips. Play cautiously, eh! 🇨🇦🃏

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