Freeze Out Movie (2005)

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🇨🇦 Freeze Out (2005): A Poker Tale of Redemption and Reality 🇨🇦

Director: M.J Loheed
Cinematography: Karen Korn’s Captivating Shots
Editor’s Touch: Tom Gould
The Writer’s Bet: M.J Loheed
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 95 min of Unpredictable Twists
Release: October 2, 2005 – A Night to Remember

♠️ The Cast: At The Poker Table ♠️

  • Tom Sharpe as John – The Underdog
  • Laura Silverman as Sarah – The Unexpected Distraction
  • Greg Behrendt as Nick – With Secrets Up His Sleeve
  • Kristopher Logan as Chip – Every Game Needs A Joker
  • Eddie Pepitone as Tim – Playing Against The Odds
  • Julie Thaxter-Gourlay as Mary – Holding Aces and Heartaches
  • Jim Kohn as Ed – Bluffing Through Life
  • Lorielle New as Janice – Betting On A New Start

🎬 Plot Summary: Beyond The Cards 🎬

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles, “Freeze Out” deals a hand into the lives of struggling comedians and actors, centered around a home poker game. When John ups the ante with a high-stakes tournament, friendships, loyalties, and hidden truths come to light. As each player reveals their cards, both in the game and in life, the table is set for a showdown of wit, humor, and heart.

🎥 Director’s Take: A Winning Hand 🎥

M.J Loheed takes us on a riveting journey into the world of poker, skillfully blending humor, drama, and real-life stakes. Drawing from personal experiences, Loheed showcases a genuine understanding of poker culture and the cutthroat environment of LA’s entertainment scene.

The title, “Freeze Out”, is a nod to the poker world, where a player’s buy-in is their only chance at the prize. This serves as a metaphor for John’s journey, seeking redemption and respect at a single table, with no rebuys.

🃏 Characters: More Than Just Poker Faces 🃏

Loheed’s casting brilliance shines through with a mix of comedians and actors who genuinely understand the nuances of poker. Their individual stories weave together a tapestry of dreams, despair, love, and revenge. As they play their hands, their real-life dramas unfold, making “Freeze Out” a comedy and drama lover’s jackpot.

📢 Dialogues: Conversations That Resonate 📢

From witty comebacks to profound reflections, the dialogues strike a chord, capturing the essence of poker nights in LA. These moments, filled with genuine emotions, draw viewers in, making them feel part of the game.

🏆 Awards & Acclaims 🏆

Despite its accolades, including the Best Feature Award and selections in renowned film festivals, “Freeze Out” remains a hidden gem, eluding mass distribution.

🍁 A Canadian Casino Expert’s Verdict 🍁

Taking a seat at this table, I rate “Freeze Out” a solid 7.8/10. It’s not just about the cards; it’s about the players, the game, and life itself. Whether you’re a poker enthusiast or just in for a good story, this film is a sure bet. 🎲🍁

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