Guns, Girls and Gambling Movie (2011)

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Director: Michael Winnick

Writer: Michael Winnick

Producer: Michael Winnick, Henry Boger, Bob Yari

Cinematography: Jonathan Hale

Editor: Robert A. Ferretti

Stars: Christian Slater, Powers Boothe, Dane Cook, Jeff Fahey

Release Date: September 5, 2012 (United States)

Runtime: 90 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Crime, Thriller


Christian Slater as John Smith/ Lee

Gary Oldman as Winner Elvis

Megan Park as Cindy,The Girl Next Door

Helena Mattsson as The Blonde/ Annabelle

Chris Kattan as Gay Elvis

Dane Cook as Sheriff Hutchins

Sam Trammel as Sheriff Cowley

Jeff Fahey as The Cowboy

Tony Cox as Little Person Elvis

Anthony Brandon Wong as Asian Elvis

Gordon Tootosis as The Chief

Michael Spears as Redfoot

Eddie Spears as Darkeyes

Matt Willig as The Indian

Powers Boothe as The Rancher

Danny James as Mo

Heather Roop as Vivian, Woman at the bar


John Smith (Christian Slater) is down on luck and he wants to get away from everything. His girlfriend has just broken up with him for a doctor. He decides to go to an Indian Reservation Casino to blow off some steam. He joins an Elvis impersonation contest that he has no chance of winning.

John ends up playing poker with Winner Elvis (Gary Oldman), Litle Person Elvis (Tony Cox), Gay Elvis (Chris Kattan), and Asian Elvis (Gary Oldman). He is thoroughly beaten at cards to an extent of bankruptcy and he dozes off. He is later woken up by the Native Americans that run the casino. They question John about a missing Indian mask which helps them to be successful. However, he has no idea of where it might have been.

Chief (Gordon Tootosis), the casino owner is primarily fixed on Smith based on the information he received from a witness. But, the two guards Redfoot (Michael Spears) and Darkeyes (Eddie Spears) are partially aware of the main culprit, presumably Winner Elvis (Gary Oldman).

The Chief offers a huge prize for anyone that would return the mask. Smith is later knocked out and thrown to his car’s trunk. Meanwhile, hit-woman “The Blonde” (Helena Mattsson) is on the hunt for Gay Elvis (Chris Kattan). She captures, interrogates and later kills him after he denies being in possession of the mask.

Smith manages to regain consciousness and he later escapes, heading to Winner Elvis’s house. On arrival to the house, the girl next door (Megan Park) assists him in fetching the mask. They are hunted down by Cowboy (Jeff Fahey) and his sidekick Mo (Danny James). Luckily enough, they manage to escape having found Asian Elvis’s address.

On the search for refuge, Smith and Megan come across two corrupt sheriffs (Dane Cook and Sam Trammel) and The Rancher (Powers Boothe). The latter clearly explains to them how he is the legitimate owner of the mask and he needed it back too.

They finally arrive at Asian Elvis’s house who in return tries to kill them. They are saved by The Indian (Matt Willig) assassin that tomahawk’s him to death. They head back to Winner Elvis’s house whereby The Blonde rescues them from a fierce Little Man Elvis.

Smith is later arrested for Little Man Elvis’s murder but Cindy bails him out. Meanwhile, Winner Elvis is transiting the mask only for his car to malfunction. On his search for an alternative means, The Blonde finds him and later shooting him to death. Later on, John, Cindy, and the sheriffs find the corpses with a note quoting “Bring the mask and John Smith to Station 12”.

A deadly altercation occurs among the sheriffs and the assassins. Only the Indian prevails and he accompanies Smith and Cindy to station 12. An interesting exchange of money and the mask takes place at the station. It is later revealed to us of the true owners of the mask contrary to what anyone would have expected.


The film has many twists and turns but the ending is creative enough to encourage repeated watching. The movie is loosely modelled on casinos and forms of gambling in the Western part of USA. However, the film doesn’t have a lot of gambling, guns, or girls as depicted in the title. The backdrop for the better part of the film is an Indian casino.

The casting was diverse and unique compared to many films, while the producer manages to blend is Indians, cowboys, female assassins and corrupt sheriffs as characters in the film. The two main characters Smith and Cindy meet under weird circumstances but they all prevail in the end. It may not be the most popular cast you can get but they were efficient.

The picture quality is certainly not the greatest Blu-ray ever produced but the images are relatively clear. One could easily contrast in detail the film’s darker scenes to the action played in the open fields. The soundtrack also perfectly complements the plot. Use of cool and compatible King’s music in the film ensured a perfect dialogue and mood among the cast.

The film is R rated with nudity, crude language and extreme violence. It may not be suitable for all audience. However, it is a good crime thriller for anyone interested in the genre. The story may be twisted but if accurately grasped by the viewer, it is so interesting. A great movie indeed. A rating of 4 out 5 is no overstatement for such an interesting film.

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