Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues Movie

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Directed by: Dick Lowry – Ruling the set like a card shark running the table.

Scribbled down by: Roderick Taylor & Jeb Rosebrook – Crafting a story as thrilling as a royal flush.

Musical Vibes: Larry Cansler – Setting the mood for every showdown.

How long is the bet?: A solid 240 min – Every minute counts when you’re playing for keeps.

Eye Candy (Cinematography): Robert M. Baldwin – Capturing the Wild West as vividly as we capture the spinning roulette wheel.


  • Kenny Rogers as Brady Hawkes: The seasoned gambler playing for justice.
  • Bruce Boxleitner as Billy Montana: The young gun always ready to ante up.
  • …and a host of other legends making every scene a jackpot.

🎥 Dive into the Plot

In the heartland of the Dakota Territory, where stakes were as high as the tensions, our gambler duo, Brady Hawkes and Billy Montana, find themselves betting against the house… or in this case, corrupt government officials and scheming Army officers. As the plot unfolds, they ride side by side, defending the Sioux nation from the sly moves of the land-greedy colonialists. And just when you think they’ve played all their cards, they uncover a deep conspiracy, making their situation ever more perilous.

🎲 A Canadian Casino Expert’s Review

As someone who’s always up for a gamble, this third instalment surely didn’t disappoint. Just as every game has its risks, every movie has its moments – and this one is packed with them.

Setting the Scene: The portrayal of the Dakota Territory is as rugged and raw as a poker game’s final showdown. The lighting sets the mood, reminiscent of the ambiance in our favorite Canadian casinos.

A Cast that Deals a Winning Hand: Kenny and Billy truly are the aces in this deck, with supporting roles that add depth and layers, much like a complex card game strategy.

The Real Deal: Beyond the card games and gunfights, this film taps into an essential narrative – the plight of Native Americans. Just as every player has a story at the casino table, so do the Sioux Indians in their quest for justice.

Any Bluffs? Well, the runtime might be a tad lengthy for those used to quick rounds of blackjack. Plus, a word of caution for our younger players, some scenes are more intense than a high-stakes poker game.

🎰 Rate the Roll

Our collective rating stands at a 5.8 out of 10 – slightly lower than my personal bet. But hey, in gambling and films, it’s all about personal taste. So, fellow Canadians, throw in your chips, give it a watch, and let us know if you hit the jackpot with this one!

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