Lesser Prophets Movie (1997)

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Director William DeVizia

Producer Richard Temtchine

Screenplay Paul Diomede

Stars Michael Badalucco, Zachary Badalucco, Amy Brenneman

Music Darren Solomon

Genre Crime, Drama

Running Time 91min

Release date 28 November 1997

Country United States of America

Language English


Actor Character

Michael Badalucco Charlie

Zachary Badalucco Charlie’s Son

Amy Brenneman Annie

Dayton Callie Bernie

Suzanne Costollos Honey

Sybil Darrow Pharmacist

George DiCenzo Jerry

Paul Diomede Cheddar Fry

Mark Ethan Gambler

Larry Fleischman Dick

Hank Flynn Uniform Cop

Ryan D. Gerber Mikey

Scott Glenn Iggy

James Hanlon Plain Clothes Cop


The story follows three bookies who are under surveillance by the police. To get away from the heat, the group escapes setting business somewhere else. Their operation does not stay undercover for long as one of the police officers finds them by a stroke of luck.

Instead of the police officer arresting them, he makes a deal with them demanding money that his brother, who had committed suicide had just lost to them. Going about their business, the group gets a tip from Leon whose head is not all the way there. Leon convinces them to bet the farm because the gains of the bet were guaranteed.

Leon finds himself making friends with the next-door neighbours’ kid whose mum is being abused by the husband. Leon who is a kind-hearted man together with the bookies, the kid’s father who is a thief, and the wife, find themselves entangled in a web that ends with money and murder.


The Lesser Prophets is a good Saturday evening movie if you like crime dramas. They present a blackmail-filled narrative that almost ends in a complete disaster. One gets to experience rogue cops dealing with rogue thieves in the most interesting way.

We find the likes of Michael Badalucco and Amy Brenneman deliver a stunning performance that fits into the movie characters perfectly. There is a bit of suspense, but nothing too great to keep you at the edge of your seat.

There are no gaps in the script; hence, the storyline flows well. There are a couple of scenes that might have been omitted to make the story more vivacious, yet the way the movie is presented works. The picture quality is good, however, the wardrobe compartment was not overly impressive.

The good news is that there is a bit of humour sprinkled in so you will get some giggles in.

For parents, there is a bit of foul language, therefore, you might want to watch it without your kids present.


This is a crime drama with a rating of 5.5, which is respectable for a movie in its genre. It has some comedy and a bit of thrill mixed in, so you will not doze off. Many people have either loved it or not cared for it at all. The only way to find out where you lie is to watch it. The one thing that is guaranteed is that this is one of William DeVizia best works.

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