Let It Ride Movie (1989)

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Snapshot: The Film’s Essentials

  • Directed By: Joe Pytka, the genius behind the lens.
  • The Main Brains: Produced by the remarkable David Giler.
  • Visual Brilliance: Thanks to cinematographer Curtis Wehr.
  • Soulful Beats: Giorgio Moroder bringing the 80s vibe alive.
  • Crisp Edits: Kudos to Dede Allen & Jim Miller.
  • Origin: An adaptation of Jay Cronley’s “Good Vibes.”

The Cast: High Rollers and Dreamers

  • Richard Dreyfuss: The ever-hopeful gambler, Jay Trotter.
  • Teri Garr: Pam Trotter, the wife praying for a winning streak.
  • David Johansen: Looney, the buddy who hears more than he should.
  • Jennifer Tilly: Vicki, the temptress of the track.
  • And many more… Every character adds a touch of casino charm!

🐎 Placing Our Bets: The Story

Cab driver and hopeful punter, Jay Trotter finds himself faced with a gamble too tempting to pass. A hot tip about a rigged horse race spirals into a series of bets that could either make or break him. From secret recordings, close encounters with the rich and infamous at the race club, to an infuriated wife and intoxicating seductions, Jay’s day at the tracks is anything but dull.

Highlights & Lowlights: A Canadian Critique

🔥 Hits

  1. Spirited Storyline: The plot captures the rollercoaster of emotions a gambler faces – the hope, despair, and euphoria.
  2. Stellar Casting: Richard Dreyfuss shines as Jay, depicting a gambler’s passion and addiction to perfection. Teri Garr masterfully portrays the concerned, albeit eventually supportive wife, while David Johansen as Looney provides just the right amount of comic relief.
  3. Music to the Ears: Giorgio Moroder’s 80s-infused soundtrack sets the mood right from the start.

⚠️ Misses

  1. A Touch on the Bold Side: Be warned; the film doesn’t shy away from R-rated content, with its fair share of raw language and adult themes.

🍁 Our Verdict: From a Casino Lover’s Eyes

For a Canadian who thrives on casino vibes, “Let It Ride” is a treat. It’s not just a comedy; it’s an exploration into the highs and lows of gambling, seen through the hopeful eyes of Jay Trotter. The plot, combined with brilliant casting and an era-defining soundtrack, creates a masterpiece. Our score? A solid 6.8/10. For those longing for a blend of humour, drama, and the thrill of the bet, this one’s worth a watch!

Remember, fellow Canadians, always gamble responsibly and know when to walk away! 🍁🎲🎥

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