Lookin’ to Get Out Movie (1982)

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📽 The Movie Lowdown 🎞

  • Release: October 8, 1982
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Runtime: A breezy 105 minutes
  • Gross Earnings: A modest $946,461
  • Language: Classic English

Behind the Scenes 🎬

  • Director: The talented Hal Ashby
  • Producer: The brain, Andrew Braunsberg
  • Cinematography: Captured by the iconic Haskell Wexler
  • Music: Groovy tunes by Miles Goodman

🌟 Star-Packed Cast 🎥

  • Jon Voight as Alex Kovac: The suave con-man with a suit for every occasion!
  • Ann-Margret as Patti Warner: Alex’s past flame lighting up the screen.
  • Burt Young as Jerry Feldman: The sidekick. Every gambler needs one.
  • Bert Remsen as Smitty: The card counter we all wish we knew in real life.
  • Jude Farese as Harry: One-half of the debt-collecting duo.
  • Allen Keller as Joey: The other half. Don’t owe these guys money!
  • Richard Bradford as Bernie Gold: The casino boss you don’t want to mess with.

🎬 Plot Unveiled 🎲

“Lookin’ to Get Out” is a story as timeless as Vegas itself. Alex Kovac, a charming hustler, dives deep into a poker game and ends up owing a whopping $10,000. Vegas calls to him, and alongside his buddy Jerry, he seeks to turn his luck around. But luck isn’t the only thing waiting for him in Sin City. Mistaken identities, old flames, and two very angry debt collectors are just a few of the obstacles our duo must face. With the help of an ace card counter and a bit of that classic ’80s charm, will they make it out alive and, more importantly, rich?

🍁 The True North Perspective 🍁

From a Canadian standpoint (and as Casino aficionados), this movie shows us how the gambling world has evolved since the ‘80s. It’s a delightful window into the glitz and glamour of vintage Vegas – a far cry from our online casinos today.

Friendship, Loyalty, & a Whole Lotta Risk: These themes resonate across borders, from the icy realms of Canada to the neon lights of Vegas. Alex and Jerry’s dynamic is the beating heart of the film. It’s reminiscent of many a duo who’ve sat down at a Canadian casino table – one with the plans and the other with the reservations.

A Nostalgic Ride: If you’re looking to reminisce about a time when shoulder pads ruled and casinos were filled with coin-operated slot machines, this film’s for you.

🎬 Rating: A Canadian Casino Expert’s Take 🎲

A solid 5.2/10! Not an Oscar contender, but it’s an entertaining watch. Plus, if you’re an Angelina Jolie fan (and who isn’t?), you’ll catch a glimpse of her in one of her very first roles. So, why not grab some poutine, settle in, and take a nostalgic trip back to the ’80s with “Lookin’ to Get Out”? It’s a gamble we think you’ll enjoy! 🎰🍿

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