Maverick (1994) – a name that resonates with the thrilling blend of poker tables and saloon showdowns. But what makes it special? Well, fellow Canucks, let’s dive right in with our signature Canadian flair.

Rise of the Wild West, Again!  Before Maverick made its mark, the silver screen had gone quiet on the western front. But when the film reels started rolling again, we were treated to epics like Dance with the Wolves and Unforgotten. And then, amidst the tumbleweeds, the humour-filled, family gem – Maverick (1994) – was born. Asking why? Maybe the beauty is in not knowing, eh!

From Small Screen to Silver Screen Borrowing its soul from the 1950s series starring James Garner, Maverick transitioned seamlessly. Garner graced the film as Zane Cooper, setting the stage for Mel Gibson’s Bret Maverick. When you see them together, those sideburns might just have you thinking they’re long-lost hockey mates from our great North!

Poker Face On! Jodie Foster jumps into the fray as Annabelle Bransford, turning heads and flipping cards. Our main man Maverick’s got one goal – to rake in $5000 and sit at the World Series poker table in St. Louis. But the road ain’t straight, especially with poker pros like the trigger-happy Angel and PR hopeful Chief Joseph. And of course, the ever-elusive Commodore, who’s been running cons since before we Canadians loved maple syrup!

Stunts, Stars, and Sideburns Kudos to William Goldman and Richard Donner! They sprinkled the film with delightful unbilled cameos, even giving a nod to past collaborations. Remember Superman’s Margot Kidder or Lethal Weapon’s Danny Glover? You’ll see ’em here.

For thrill-seekers, Maverick doesn’t disappoint. From daredevil stagecoach chases to tension-filled duels, it’s more action-packed than a hockey game in overtime.

An Ode to the Series For the loyal fans of the original series, a tip of the cowboy hat awaits you towards the movie’s end. But hey, even if you’ve never caught an episode, Maverick (1994) stands tall, just like our beloved CN Tower!


All bets are in, folks. While the stakes are high in Maverick, the entertainment value is undeniably higher. It’s a wild ride, packed with humour, action, and a sprinkle of Canadian spirit (even if it’s set in the Wild West!). Whether you’re here for the poker, the nostalgia, or just a good ol’ time, Maverick’s a sure bet. So grab your popcorn and your poker chips, and let’s ante up!

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