Ocean’s Thirteen Movie (2007)

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The Ocean’s films feature A-listers that it would be mistaken for a bunch of celebs having a never-ending party. But, while 11 was mostly all-inclusive, 12 felt like watching many heavy hitters seated at an expensive lounge having fun while you are looking through the window. And then Enters 13, and we are like yeah! The party goes on.

If you come to think of it, 13 is more of a public apology for the new wave improvisation of 12, albeit with a little less arrogance that seemed to set people off in the past. Ocean’s 13 also recalibrated its focus and shone more light on the cast itself. The film has been about thievery, revenge, and trickery, and stealing other people’s fortune.

However, Ocean’s 13 does a better job presenting the same plot, with a slight change to the usual routine. In 13, the character Reuben (Elliot Gould) is betrayed by a Las Vegas hotel proprietor Named Willy (Al Pacino), injuring him in hospital. Ocean and team decide that this treatment does not befit a friend, so they plan to avenge on his behalf. They choose to bring down the hotel’s brand on the night at it is a schedule for a grand unveiling.

Ocean’s 13 is fun and enjoyable, mainly because of its quirky banter. However, I must remind you that the character must never be copied in real life; it will end in tears. In comparison, 12 is somewhat boring. The plot in 13 is cleverly laid out, high tech, and in some instances, extremely funny. The cast is excellent. I must admit that George Clooney and his sidekick Brad Pitt pulled a performance worthy of note for me.

Oceanians have no bones to pick from a moral standpoint, considering that they have been through the 11 and 12 without complaint. Yes, the characters have sticky fingers, and they lie a lot. Still, they’re a lot of loyalty going around and real alliance. If that does not make you overlook the fact that they steal from people, I don’t know what will.

Seriously though, the lingo in the film is a problem even for me. If you are counting, I certainly was, you are likely to hear more than ten uncomfortable s-words spoken and inappropriate use of the good Lord’s name. Plus, Matt Damon uses chemicals to draw the attention of Bank’s assistant, which does not end well for the morally upright. We see many obscured boob nudity, groping here and there, and some allusions don’t amount to anything.

There’s minimal violence in 13, and the nearest it comes to a fight is when some guy draws a gun, and another was whacked inside a club, but that just it. The casino in question is in Vegas, where a significant portion of the film is cast. That setting, and the activity in the movie, make 13 not suited for an obtuse mind. However, if you watched and loved 11 and 12 and are comfortable with the plot’s moral grain, 13 is worth the time.

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