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Shade (2003) is a film set in Clubs, and martini bars in L.A. Damian Niemen wrote and directed this film. It stars Gabriel Byrne, Thandie Newton, Melanie Griffith, Joe Nicolo, Carl Mazzocone, Jamie Fox, and George Tovar. The film is about two individuals Newton and Byrne, who are looking to beat the Dean (Sylvester Stallion) in high stake poker. They engage two more con artists to assist in the game, which is when things get thick.

The film kicks off with a flashback – Dean participating in an illegal game of poker underground facilitated by the city’s mob. He has the cards dancing to his song; then, all hell breaks loose. Robbers pop in and ask everyone to put their hands in the air, which is when the mob notices that Dean had a card up his sleeve, literary. Shooting between mob and thugs ensues; everyone goes down, but Dean and mob, standing with guns at each other’s faces.

Fast forwards to the present, we see Tiffany (Thandie Newton) and Charlie (Gabriel Byrne), who are running a small con outfit. They come into touch with Jennings played by Jamie Foxx, and persuade him in their effort to win a sift game, from which everyone would make a profit of about $10,000. They begin working together, conning various casinos until they thought of going big.

They decided to work with Dean. In the following few scenes, many games come forth with some of the lives getting lost. In the last hand of the final poker game, Vernon is facing the Dean. In the end, it turns out that the entire game was a scam meant to eliminate Tiffany and Charlie.

This type of plot has been enacted so often that it’s nearly impossible to come up with something new. The plot in shades is a mix between Confidence and Rounders, plus a mix of other movies. What you end up with is a slick yet lackluster thriller.

Shade was the first of Newman’s feature films; At the same time, the plot itself seems somewhat contrived; for the most part, the director sticks to keeping things shifting forwards briskly that you do not have time to think about the weak elements of the plot.
Perhaps a considerable attraction that draws people to the film is its collection of talent – all the actors perform well in their capacities. The best and most outstanding performance was by Sly Stallone, who shows plenty of Charisma as he showcases wit over brute strength. Also worthy of note is the performance by the character Townsend.

The film has plenty of more exciting moments, and you are not likely to get bored. It was nicely directed, although it would have benefited with a tweak here and there. Shade depicts a real-life casino as well as the risk associated with being a shady gambler. Shade gives life to the trickery and cheating employed in casinos. It is an excellent film that teaches you not to fall victim to the otherwise brutal system perpetrated by casinos.

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