The Big Town Movie (1987)

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Film Snapshot: “The Big Town”

🎲 Roll of the Dice: Drama, Romance, Thriller
📽️ Directed by: Ben Bolt, Harold Becker
📖 Based on: ‘The Arm’ by Clark Howard
📆 Release Date: September 15, 1987
🕰️ Runtime: 109 min
🌐 Country: United States
🎵 Scored by: Michael Melvoin, Frank Fitzpatrick

Casting the Dice: Main Players

  • Matt Dillon as J. C. Cullen – The sharp-eyed dice thrower.
  • Diane Lane as Lorry Dane – The seductive stripper.
  • Tommy Lee Jones as George Cole – The club owner with a chilling aura.
  • Bruce Dern & Lee Grant as The Edwards – The cunning swindlers.

Synopsis: Betting it All in Chicago

J. C. Cullen is more than just a crapshooter; he’s a young man with big dreams, ready to gamble them all in Chicago. From swindlers to club owners, Cullen’s luck and charm drag him deep into the city’s underbelly. With every roll of the dice, he dances between two women, the morally upright Aggie and the alluring Lorry. But as stakes rise, will Cullen hit the jackpot or face the consequences of his bets?

Eh? What’s Our Take, Canada?

From our seasoned online casino expert’s point of view, “The Big Town” is like stepping onto a vintage casino floor. The neon glow of 1957 Chicago, complete with iconic tunes, creates an ambiance reminiscent of a time when gambling was both an art and a risk.

Cullen, portrayed compellingly by Dillon, is the very essence of many gamblers we’ve met – hopeful, strategic, and occasionally misled by the shimmering lights of potential winnings. The Canadian touch? We’d liken Cullen’s journey to that of an online gambler – sometimes riding high, other times second-guessing every move.

Lorry Dane’s character brings in the allure – much like the flashing lights of a slot machine promising a jackpot. Her interactions with Cullen, charged with chemistry, capture the essence of high-stakes games where risks are tempting.

And let’s not forget George Cole. His ominous demeanor is reminiscent of a blackjack dealer on a cold streak – calculating, intimidating, yet intrinsically tied to the game’s outcome.

But this isn’t just about gambling. It’s about choices, passion, and sometimes, sheer dumb luck – themes we Canadians can surely resonate with, whether on the ice, in our daily lives, or at the poker table.

Rolling Up The Review: Our Rating

With a rating of 5.9, “The Big Town” might not have hit the box office jackpot, but in the world of cinema, as in gambling, not every roll can be a winner. Still, it’s a nostalgic trip back in time worth taking. So, fellow Canucks, grab some poutine, get cozy, and give “The Big Town” a watch, eh! 🍁🎲🎥

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