The Cincinnati Kid Movie (1965)

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Oh, Canada! Where the game isn’t just about the hand you’re dealt, but how you play it with true northern charm. As a Canadian casino aficionado, I invite you on a journey to the docks of New Orleans to revisit a poker classic: The Cincinnati Kid.

The Setup

Before we had movies like Rounders tickling our poker fancies, The Cincinnati Kid stood tall. This iconic 1965 movie set a precedent for poker movies, although not without its quirks. I mean, Edward Robinson snagging a win with an ace of tens and a jack-high straight flush? That’s as wild as a moose in downtown Toronto!

The Players and the Game

Erick Stoner, our main man and the Cincinnati Kid himself, played by the legendary Steve McQueen, is a force to reckon with. His impeccable poker prowess doesn’t just turn heads, it pulls in the big fish of the poker world – enter Lancey Howard, the stud poker maestro portrayed by the inimitable Edward G. Robinson.

But what’s a poker game without a little shady business, eh? Mr. Slade, the local heavy-hitter, eyes the pot greedily. Recruiting the ace dealer portrayed by Karl Malden, he plots to ensure the cards favor him. But Stoner isn’t one to fold easily, especially when his reputation is at stake. The table is set for a showdown, and let me tell you, it’s as intense as a hockey final in sudden death overtime!

More Than Just a Game

Set against the picturesque backdrop of New Orleans’ docks, the film charms its way into the heart. Director Norman Jewison captures the game’s essence in its purest form. To the uninitiated, high-stake rules might sound like a foreign language, but Jewison makes it relatable. It’s not just about the cards; it’s the emotion, the tension, the heartbeats that truly count.

For the romantics among us, McQueen spices up the pot with a dash of love, proving poker isn’t his only game.

A Note of Concern

A bone of contention? The movie’s portrayal of a cockfight. While Jewison ensures no harm came to the birds, it does raise eyebrows. Perhaps a nod to the era it was filmed in, but a part we could’ve done without.

Conclusion: All In for The Cincinnati Kid

In true Canadian style, I tip my hat to The Cincinnati Kid. It’s a testament to the art of poker, the spirit of the game, and the magic of cinema. If you haven’t seen it yet, grab some poutine, pull up a chair, and let the game begin!

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