The Hustler Movie (1961)

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Oh, hey there! Grab a Tim’s, find a cozy spot, and dive into our Great White North review of a classic – “The Hustler”.

It’s Not Just About Pool, Eh!

When you first catch a glimpse of “The Hustler”, you might think it’s just another pool game flick. Much like thinking every Canadian’s got a moose in their backyard (which, spoiler alert, we don’t), it’s easy to be misled. But just as boxing isn’t the central theme in Scorsese’s “Raging Bull”, pool is a backdrop in “The Hustler”.

Meet Eddie Felson: More than a Pool Shark

Paul Newman, in his charismatic style, brings Eddie Felson to life. It’s like watching a hockey player glide seamlessly on the ice – regardless of the role, Newman nails it! The movie dances around Eddie’s internal battles, his tussles with peers, and his journey of self-discovery.

Rossen’s Masterpiece: Unveiling The Hidden Layers

Robert Rossen, the director, revisits his favourite genre, capturing life’s stories in stark black and white. There’s a gritty, unfiltered look into the darker corners of life and ambition. Newman, our titular hustler, aims to beat the unspoken champion – Jackie Gleason. Through triumphs and defeats, Eddie comes to a poignant realization about the true essence of life.

The Heart of the Film: Beyond the Pool Table

This isn’t a play-by-play of pool games. It’s a daring narrative exploring success and the illusion of chasing hollow dreams. With Rossen’s direction and Sidney Carroll’s script, the movie’s essence shines bright.

The Ensemble Cast: Crafting Brilliance

Newman’s subtle portrayal stands out, but so does Piper Laurie’s heart-wrenching performance of a life slipping away. Then there’s Gleason, with an intensity that leaves us craving more. Props to Gene Shufton for capturing the mood and essence with his cinematography, complemented by Harry Horner’s artistry.

The Pool Scenes: A Treat to Watch

As a team of online casino experts from the land of the Maple Leaf, we appreciate a good game! And the pool shots in this film? Oh, they’re a beauty. Newman and Gleason aren’t just actors here; they’re artists, showcasing a genuine flair for the game.

There you have it folks! Our Canadian take on “The Hustler”. It’s more than a game, it’s a journey – much like a long Canadian winter that leads to a beautiful spring. Until next time, take off, hosers!

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