Vegas Vacation Movie (1997)

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🍁Introduction: Eh, Another Vacation Film?

Alright, fellow Canucks and cinephiles, saddle up for a true-blue Northern dive into Vegas Vacation. Sure, it might not boast the same comedic firepower as “Christmas Vacation” or “Europe Vacation”, but by the love of a good hockey game, it’s still a hoot!

H2: The Griswold Family Hits The Jackpot

Our main man, Clark, bags a hefty work bonus for his groundbreaking food preservative. So what’s more Canadian than celebrating with a family trip? Only, instead of heading to a cozy cabin or the Rockies, the Griswold clan takes a wild turn towards Sin City—Vegas! With the kids—Audrey and Rusty—bickering about the destination, Las Vegas seemed like a middle-ground (although we think Banff would’ve been epic).

H3: Vegas, Baby! And All Its Shenanigans

From Clark getting magnetized by the roulette wheel to Ellen catching the eye of the legendary Wayne Newton, the family’s Vegas journey is nothing short of comedic gold. Oh, and let’s not forget our lad Rusty acing the gambling scene with an alias, and Audrey’s brief dance stint, thanks to Cousin Vicki’s nudge. And for all those beer enthusiasts, there’s Eddie, tagging along with Clark, Busch Light in hand. Typical, eh?

H3: That Dealer, Though!

Wallace Shawn as the taunting dealer facing off against Clark is pure comedy genius. A repetitious gag, sure, but one that echoes every Canadian’s quiet “sorry” when faced with frustration.

H2: The Newbies & The Familiar Faces

While Bob and Bell Ducasy sprinkle some familiarity, the film’s true charm lies in Clark’s realization—seeing his kids grow up and drift away. A heartfelt Canadian moment, if there ever was one!

H3: Is Reality Overrated?

The storyline might hint at maturity, with lessons about the dangers of gambling. But c’mon, it’s the Griswolds! Between Rusty’s bewildering luck and Clark’s miraculous recovery of lost bucks, reality takes a backseat. But isn’t that the spirit of a fun film?

Conclusion: Keeping The Comedy Alive

Though it’s part of a long-standing series, Vegas Vacation refrains from going overboard with its humor. It’s a comedic tapestry that weaves genuine laughs while reminding us of the unpredictable game of chance, just like a night at a Canadian casino! So grab some poutine, lean back, and let’s roll the dice on this one, shall we?

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