CA future casino will be constructed at Horsemen’s Park. This has brought the City of Ralston’s hope to benefit from it.

Officials intend to turn Horsemen’s Park into WarHorse Casino with all the gambling services you can get in Vegas.

Currently, there are no scheduled plans to build a hotel at the Omaha site.

Although this will be time-consuming, Horsemen’s Park will become a unique casino. However, there are some concerns about the casino. The city of Ralston is located approximately a mile away, and this brings some concerns that the new casino will take customers away from the city’s gambling interest.

Rick Hoppe, who is the Ralston City Administrator, stated:

“we’re cautiously optimistic that keno revenues may fall a little but will not fall dramatically.”

Ralston Keno makes $1.3 million dollars annually. Most of those funds are for supporting the Ralston Arena.

Ralston City Officials assume they will carefully observe how the casino affects the city’s keno dollars. Ralston’s Holiday Inn Express is just down the road. Hotel Manager, Josh Martin, is excited about the casino being in his neighborhood

Them not having the hotel attached to it, we think it will be great for us being in such close proximity, said Martin. We do some business with their horse racing with live races over the summer months so we think this will extend on that business.”

Martin is thrilled to work with Ralston’s brand-new neighbor.

He mentioned:

“We also think it’s a really great opportunity for more people to see what Ralston has to offer when they come and see the community.”

Holiday Inn Express officials announce they are eager to collaborate with the future casino.

Other companies in the region are also expecting the future casino will draw more business to their shops and restaurants.

The Ralston City Administrator anticipates the city will draw more sales tax revenues with increased business from people entering the area.