In a recent controversy, Loto-Québec’s online platform OK POKER was involved after players found a way to exploit mechanics in Texas Hold’em poker games. After a class-action suit was filed last year, the crown corporation would have to answer in court. The online platform has been subjected to a game-breaking glitch that has been abused by players.

There has been some progress in the matter after the Superior Court of Quebec gave the nod last week to start the legal procedure after the lawsuit filed last year on behalf of Elisabetta Bertucci by lawyer Joey Zukran of LPC Avocats.

Allegedly there was a game-breaking glitch that allowed iPad players to take unfair advantage of the game.

Between July 9, 2019, and May 18, 2020, individuals playing on an iPad had a significant advantage over non-iOS players, according to Ms. Bertucci. This was possible because of a glitch that allowed players to disclose the cards of their opponents on the gaming table when playing Texas Hold’em on the online platform. Also, she added that you can’t do anything to stop it. And that’s why she decided to fight for her rights and those of others.

This exploit allowed iOS participants to see the cards of opponents and to fort various strategies in order to win. Ms.
Bertucci believes that the bugged mechanic caused her to lose a large amount of money. And if Loto-Quebec is proven guilty due to the disadvantage of certain players, the crown corporation would have to pay a few million dollars as cover.

The lawsuit requires the crown agency to compensate all players who have used the platform by reimbursing their money and providing each individual who has been the victim of the glitch with additional CA$300 as punitive damages.

This applies to players who have used it on the online flawed online platform since July 9, 2019, and who have played Texas Hold’em.

The response of Loto-Quebec was to deny the allegations and insisted that the notion of the company was that all players, regardless of the device they were playing on, could have access to the history of hands. However, due to the ongoing legal process, the crown agency decided to stay away from further comments.

On the matter of the bugged online platform, Ms. Bertucci was the first to seek a legal approach. She lost around CA$18,000 during a spell in 2020 while playing on the digital gambling platform, according to the victim of this unfair advantage.

The lawsuit was filed in the Quebec Superior Court on 1 June 2020, and has only recently received a green light.

The Crown Corporation has found several ways to offer players hefty payouts and jackpots over the years. With the progressive Bad Beat jackpot that amounted to over CA$ 170,000, this was the case.

In May 2020, the concept was available on and was designed for players who did not have luck while playing poker on the other platform. Four eights or better will allow players to win the progressive jackpot, which was a great way to have a second chance or the inspiration needed for some players.

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