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Most Canadian online casinos players will be more than familiar with Interac. Interac is one of the most famous banking options for Canadians to use. Interac Online is the digital variant of Interac Debit, and it is the one Canadian players use to deposit and withdraw at internet casinos. Although it is not the quickest deposit method around, Interac is perfectly tuned and geared up for online casino gaming. On this casino page, we will walk you through the payment method, explain how it works, the perks and pitfalls of using it, and point you in the direction of top casinos where you can use Interac. Let’s begin…

What Is Interac Online?

Interac can be used in many different ways. One of those ways (and the most convenient for online casino players) is Interac Online. Interac Online effectively allows you to make a payment to an internet casino using your online banking system. However, rather than simply sending a bank transfer to a casino, thus giving your details to the site in question, you can process this payment through Interac Online’s services. This allows you to deposit at a Canadian online casino without having to hand over your details to the casino. Ultimately, this makes things more secure for your average Canadian online casino player.

Is Interac Online Accepted at Canadian Online Casinos?

Interac is a payment method which is only really available for Canadian players, so you can rest assured that it is available at seemingly all the top Canadian online casino sites. As a Canadian interbank network, Interac Online is hugely appealing for players. As a result, many of Canada’s top online casinos go out of their way to ensure that this payment method is readily available for you to use from the moment that you sign up as a new player at their domains.

How to Deposit Funds Using Interac Online

Depositing with Interac Online should be relatively easy for most Canadians. You do not need to sign up for an account with Interac to use this banking option. However, you must make sure that your Canadian bank or financial institution is in league with Interac. You can check this by heading to the Interac website.

Once you know that you have a bank which is compatible, you can head to the cashier page at your casino.

Select Interac Online from the options on your casino’s deposit page.
Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

A gateway page will open, listing all of Interac Online’s compatible banks.
Select your bank from those available.

Log-in to your bank account using the on-screen instructions.
Confirm the transaction.

It can take anything from a few hours up to 2-3 days for Interac Online transactions to clear. This ultimately means that it is one of the slower options you can use to bet online. However, it is at least one of the most secure payment methods available.

How to Withdraw Winnings Using Interac Online

It is important to note that casino withdrawals are not always possible with Interac Online. If that happens to be the case, you may wish to look into getting an Interac Debit account and card. This will make it possible to cash out your winnings. In the event that you can withdraw using Interac Online, here is what you need to do:

  • Head to the casino’s withdrawals page
  • Select Interac Online
  • Enter your bank details from the list provided
  • Confirm the transaction

You may find yourself waiting to receive your winnings, and transaction fees may apply. With that in mind, let us take a look at those next.

Fees and Transaction Times

It can take anything from a few hours up to 2-3 days for Interac Online deposits to land in your Canadian online casino account. Moreover, you could end up with similar waiting times, if not longer, when you wish to cash out your winnings with Interac online.

You could face fees when using this method. The exact fees that you could pay vary depending on the value of your transfer, and whether or not an international processing fee was involved. There is no set rate for using Interac Online. Some transactions are free of charge, and others are subject to fees. This can vary from transaction to transaction, but also from casino to casino. With that in mind, we would strongly recommend looking at the banking page at your casino before you decide to use Interac Online.

The Pros and Cons of Using Interac Online at Canadian Casinos

As with most internet casino banking options, there are good things and a few bad things about using Interac Online at Canadian online casinos. Let us take a quick look at some of them below…

Slow Transaction Times: Interac Online is not renowned for being the speediest of payment methods. You can sometimes find yourself waiting a few days for transactions to clear. However, this can also vary from site to site.
Total Security: As Interac Online does not require you to hand over your bank details to your favourite casino, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure from any prying eyes.
Cannot Always Withdraw: You cannot always cash out your winnings using Interac Online. Sometimes, casinos will permit withdrawals using Interac Debit, so this may be something you want to consider.
Canada-Friendly: Interac Online is one of the most Canada-friendly payment methods around, and it uses the Canadian dollar. This makes it ideal for many Canadian players.

Find Top Interac Online Casinos for Canadian Players Today

Most online casinos which accept players from Canada will also permit you to at least deposit using Interac. In many cases, Interac Online is an option which is going to be available, although Interac Debut could be there, too. The types of casinos which offer Interac as a payment method tend to be ones which accept Canadian players. You can find a wide range of top Canadian online casinos which allow deposits via Interac by checking out our list of reputable casinos today.